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  • Great for watching 4K content
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Easy to mount on a wall or stand
  • Comes with all the necessary cables and connectors
  • TV is not compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant


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Great picture and AMAZING TV, extremely buggy/frustrating software
I would rate the 65" CX as a 5/5 TV, but the number of software issues/bugs I've experienced have made me very upset. I would actually pay more money to get most of the "smart" features removed. I will update this review if they update the software. My Setup: Apple TV 4K, PC with 2080ti, 7.1 surroun...
2 years ago
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[LTT] Being an Early Adopter (of OLED) SUCKS
>I've been using an LG CX48 for about 10 months now, one of the same displays Linus mentioned he is using. For me, there is absolutely noticeable image retention whenever I use "light mode" apps all day, or otherwise white content like Excel sheets. >To counteract this, I've done my absolute best to use dark mode for everything, everywhere.
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[MONITOR] ACER PREDATOR 4K 43” VA PANEL 1MS 120hz (OC:144) GSYNC — $999 (1500 on acer)
For anyone considering this...I would say that getting the LG CX48 has been worth it as a 4k gaming monitor. Though not perfect and I feel the need to adjust picture settings for each individual game, the results are stunning even compared to my AW3418DW monitor and Vizio P-Series 4k TV(unsurprisingly) Plus, it will be ready for HDMI 2.1. Might be worth waiting and saving for that to go on sale.
Great TV - Surround Sound Problem Resolved
For $1800, you would expect a TV to have a great picture. This one does. It's worth the price. I am very pleased with the television overall, but have found what I believe is a bug in the software. LG customer service is working on it. However, they have referred the problem to the technical people ...
Michael A. Mccollum
2 years ago
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The New "Monitor" Came In. And It Is Glorious...
I upgraded to an LG CX48 OLED this week and retired my old 27" 1440p 165hz LED display. There is no going back after experiencing 4K 120hz OLED in person. This display looks absolutely incredible. The infinite contrast, deep blacks, and the color...oh my god the colors.
Linus from LTT has OLED bur-in (LG C1 48") after 1 to 2 months of use. Can OLED owners explain why it has happened to him this fast?
Using a CX48 from June of last year. So a little over a year now. Daily usage is around 10 hours.
Extremely satisfied
Updated review (10/13/2020) Mounting was a breeze. Took about 10 minutes to screw the mount into the back of the TV. Most of that time was ensuring that I attached to the desired holes on the mount, as the mount supported attaching the TV at multiple locations. It does take 2 people to mount. I don'...
2 years ago
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My first intention was to buy a 1080p 360 hz monitor and the LG CX48, to have the best of both worlds, but on the way was this very odd monitor that as the fastest VA panel even faster tham my LG gl850, and at 240hz , this got me curious, so I ordered it. At first impression I just wanted to send the odyssey back, my eyes was addicted to 4k, so it was looking full of jagged edges, but after I researched more I found that you can tune the image ti get better image, after done that, the image quality was so way better, toke me just 1 day to get used to the big curve, but the smotheness was spot right on, the FPS play is far better tham on LG 27gl850, now the image quality is almost equal to my asus pg27uq, there is black crush, but still look gorgeous even on 1440p. So in the end I got a monitor with the bets speed for FPS games and almost best inage quality for RPG and adventure Games. And i didn't spot any flickers, maybe because i have the last firmware.
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Being an Early Adopter SUCKS - Trying to Fix Burn-in on my LG CX
, These TVs are clearly best suited for customers with more typical home theater use, cases. And they're only suitable. As monitors for deep pocketed enthusiasts, who are willing to accept either the downsides like the auto-dimming or the cost of replacing them ever so, often
Linus Tech Tips
4 months ago
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Is one piece of paper too much to ask?
Yes, this is an amazing visual product and well worth what I payed. You don't need me to tell you how good it is, there are already plenty of reviews explaining the value of the LG OLED55CXPUA. I would rather address one of the issues found in other reviews, the missing parts. The TV is well package...
2 years ago
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85 Watt

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158 kWh

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