Korg B2

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  • Great for most musicians
  • Sound is rich and mellow
  • Build quality is very good
  • Feel is great
  • Price is good for the quality


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Sounds Good, Good Speakers, Keys Feel Good
Love the sound, maybe you could be a tiny bit better but I’m not sure because I’ve never owned a piano before. I’m very happy w it so far. The keys feel awesome and the speakers are plenty loud. The only thing is the speakers are covered by cloth so you have to make sure you have a cover on it when ...
2 years ago
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Korg B2 Review: An Impressive Upgrade - DIGITAL PIANO
The device’s microphone can be used as an input as well, and note detection is spot on from our limited testing with an old iPad 2. CONCLUSION Thanks to the multisampling, the Korg B2 has one of the best sounding digitals for its price.
3 months ago
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New Years gift for girlfriend
Belated new years gift for girlfriend. She loves it (she didn't know digital pianos can have the same effect as a grand piano); the sound is great, and we have it in our small apartment in the city. The build is very quality, and It's worth every single dollar.
2 years ago
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Thoughts on the Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk after about six months.
Other than being curious about the bass lift on the B2D, I'm content with my B2. Agree on the soundstage.
Korg B2 vs Yamaha P45 - Comparison
5kg. Both models are very portable and more than suitable for being moved around on a regular basis.
3 months ago
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The Budget to Mid-Fi IEM Shootout Part #1 (impressions)
But after using it for about a month, now I'm not using it at all. The midrange thinness, the sibilance and the lack of emotion in the sound has drove me away. I'm currently looking at the Penon Orb, which is stark opposite to the B2 signature wise.
Still Happy!
This is a great piano for so many uses. Sound is rich and mellow and the feel is great. I am no concert pianist but this one is a great option for most. Very pleased with this piano.
4 months ago
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Great for rehearsal
This is great for a vocal rehearsal. Built in speakers and light weight makes it easy to carry, set up and go.
3 years ago
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Buy the Moondrop Blessing 2 now or wait for the next Moondrop?
I've switched to the B2 Dusk over my 6XX's for my primary music listening as well, it's just that good. I'm not sure what the OG B2 sounds like though. Regardless, if you want something now then get something now. It's not like a graphics card where something objectively better will come out down the road.
Great digital piano with a beautiful and simple design
I am not a professional pianist, but so few of us are in this world. With this consideration, this is a fantastic digital piano that any musician can appreciate. The different piano sounds are just diverse enough that you can find the one you're needing for just about any style of play. I would high...
2 years ago
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Number of Keys


Item Weight

11.4 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

51.65 x 13.23 x 4.61 inches