Giant Revolt 2

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  • Great for gravel riding
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy to shift gears with indexed brifters
  • Wide range of gears


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Beautiful bike with a smooth ride.
This bike feels great and is smooth as all get out.
Steven O.
3 months ago
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Can't stop riding my new Giant Revolt 1. Even handles MTB trails well.
👍👍 nice!! I just got the Revolt 2 in the same color. I love that thing. Only put around 100 miles so far. More adventures to come!
I live in Georgia (US State, not country) and am fortunate enough to live near some great road riding, and some great gravel riding up in the North mountains on Fire roads and whatnot. I've been looking for a good bike for climbing on gravel. So far, it appears that the best option out there if the Giant Revolt as it's got a 38/48 crank set and 11/34 cassette.
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From Hybrid to Gravel - What is Noticeable?
I recently upgraded from a cheap hybrid (think twist shifters and non-adjustable front suspension) to a entry-level gravel bike (Giant Revolt 2). The gravel bike is lighter than the hybrid, goes to a higher gear range, and has drop bars, so it feels noticably easier to go fast on it.
Kids trailer on a Diverge E5?
Robert axle project is the way to go. You can pick the size and match the threads with an easy print out. Plus, they’ll help for many bikes with their database. Used it to get a trailer on my Giant Revolt.
Flat bar to drop bar
Sold my Trek last year and ordered a Giant Revolt Advanced 2 last September. I got the bike in earlier this month and I love it. I made the right choice and it's much more comfortable for longer rides.
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Help me find my "Dad" bike
If it was me personally, and I talked myself into $2500 budget, I’d go Giant Revolt Advance 2. As it stands, when I first started seriously getting into cycling, my budget was closer to $1000 and I ended up with a Salsa Journeyman that I’ve been quite happy with. Several thousand miles and the purchase of a couple road bikes later it spends most of its time on the trainer now unless I feel like getting (a little) dirty and hitting some gravel. You really can’t go wrong with any of those though.
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Can a gravel bike be a road bike?
I ride my Giant Revolt more on the road than I do on gravel. It's really not much different than my Defy that I had before it. I'd say if your racing and doing regular group rides with the A group, then a gravel bike wouldn't be ideal. But for normal road riding, it will be good.
Got my first gravel bike yesterday and had to test it even if it was freezing rain! Giant revolt 2, definitely a step down in components from my mountain bike but loved the speed!
Great bike! I have the Revolt Advanced 2, and I ride it road and gravel. had some issues with carbon seatpost early, and you should consider putting some protective tape on front of handlebar downtube to protect from shifter and brake wires.
Giant advanced revolt 2 vs Trek checkpoint alr 5?
I have a Revolt Advanced 2 and it is sick. I have many bikes and it’s potentially my favourite. I’ve got some mellow XC trails near me that my duel suspension MTB’s are overkill for and my revolt shreds on. It’s super nimble to throw around on dirt and single trail.
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