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  • Great for music, movies and gaming
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • App is not great but will improve with future updates
  • Slightly more bass than the LS50


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Killer performance in a small format for a fair price! SERIOUS issues w/app, though...
I pre-ordered the LS50 Wireless in black & blue, waited for nearly two months, and just received them today. I've hooked them up, have been listening to them for a couple of hours now, and here are my initial thoughts. First, here's a breakdown of my setup: • Installed on Target MR60 stands (24-inch...
6 years ago
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New place. No shared walls. Lovely acoustics. Turntable’s anti-skate was lost during move.
Paired with furniture and shag rugs it sounds so, so great. KEF LS50w + ProJect DC with Ortifon 2m red, Hafler preamp plus Roon streamer-server all paired to an Infinity sub. The hafler is an AMAZING phonostage, the thing makes the turntable dead silent, but sadly it lost its left channel phono output just this week.
Fantastic sound, until one broke. Long wait for replacements.
The media could not be loaded. Fantastic sound quality. Unfortunately, the right speaker stopped working a few months after purchase, and I'm still waiting to receive a shipping box from KEF America for the RMA two weeks later. They aren't answering their e-mail. I'm hoping that a negative review mi...
Lawrence S. Lansing
5 years ago
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KEF LS50 Wireless review: the future of hi-fi - Soundphile Review
There’s not much to say because there would be too much to say – the LS50W are clear, clean, almost neutral in their frequency response and this is what makes them so attractive. This is the future a hi-fi: a self-contained system that sounds great and takes little space. Because fiddling with a hi-fi rack is fun, but listening to music is better – and the LS50 Wireless allow you to do just that without any hassle, leaving you just with the pleasure of music
4 months ago
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My new KEF setup
Though, after about a year later, I wasn‘t really satisfied with the LS50W, partly because of Software/Hardware difficulties, but mostly because they sounded too forward and harsh for me. That‘s when I decided to get a pair of passive speakers, the KEF R5, as they simple sound more neutral and spacious, in my opinion, and to have more freedom if I choose to further upgrade the speakers/amplifier.
Conclusions Overall, the LS50 but especially LS50W, have impressed me due to the All-In-One package and impressive sound. Both models have shown me again that there is a huge jump in sound quality over the speakers used in the previous tests.
4 months ago
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Absolutely Stunning Sound. Deficient as an "All in one sound system".
I have had the LS50 Wireless for about 3 months now and after extensive listening these are my impressions. The good: 1. Absolutely stunning sound. It is hard to describe the way in which these speaker will make your music shine. I can only tell you that you should be prepared to be blown away and h...
3 years ago
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KEF LS50 Wireless II Powered Speakers Review
The system found my home network automatically, requiring none of the awkward manual temporary re-setting of network assignments I've experienced with some other wireless speakers. This gets you up and playing music natively from your existing compatible streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz, among others) or streamed via Google Chromecast or AirPlay 2, in mere minutes. The whole process, as I experienced it, was the fastest, simplest, and most elegant I have yet encountered
4 months ago
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Amazing sound quality, offering real benefits compared to the original LS50
I am rating for the audio quality only. The app is good but not great and will surely improve with future updates. ***Update: I've had these speakers for 8 weeks and I haven't been to the app since the first couple of days when I used the digital signal processing (DSP) to optimize the sound to my p...
6 years ago
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I listened to good speakers for the first time, and now everything else sounds so bad that it's literally depressing me. Is this a common experience?
Using built in dac and a chromecast. Got a great deal on the speakers second hand 2 weeks old. You don’t have to blow the bank to compete with your car stereo. In a small room people love the KEF LS50W.


Enclosure Design

Bass reflex

Design Features

High gloss finish

System Components

2 speakers

Speaker Type

2-way - passive