Keen Newport H2

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  • Great for hiking, hunting and backpacking
  • Durable rubber outsoles
  • Hydrophobic EVA footbed
  • Comfortable fit
  • Dry quickly after getting wet


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Best Sandals of 2022 - GearLab
We give this model a seal of approval for trail use and watersports.
9 months ago
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If you were to wear only one or two pairs of shoes for all your trips, which pair would it be and why?
Shoes can be one of the heaviest bulkiest items to manage in a onebag wardrobe. Women's thin strap sandals and "barefoot" walking sandals are the easiest to manage but provide little or no support and protection for walking all day on hard rough pavement. I have tried a number of sandal designs with good support. Keen H2 sandals are my favorite, but weigh 31 ounces (US men's 11/EU 45).
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Review: Keen Newport H2 Hiking Sandals – Durable Enough for You?
Cleaning Issues. The Newport H2, more than the original Newport, has a tendency to pack in some foot odor, which is a problem that plagues hiking sandals of all shapes and sizes.
KEEN Women's Newport H2 Sandals Review
Final Verdict. Don’t hike through water without them!The KEEN Women's Newport H2 Sandals are now a staple in my hiking wardrobe. They’re durable and well-built, and they kept my feet safe and comfortable on a long, muddy hike
4 months ago
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I am so dissatisfied. I bought these for our ...
I am so dissatisfied. I bought these for our vacation to universal studios and they fell apart day 1 in the morning and I had to walk around with defective shoes all day.
4 years ago
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Not what they used to be
I have been wearing Keen Newports since shortly after they were introduced in the early 2000's. I'm probably on my 6th or 7th pair at this point. The original pair of sandals lasted for at least 5 summers before I retired them due to the soles being worn out. The tops were still very functional.
2 years ago
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Newport sandals
Probably my 5th or 6th pair of Keen sandals, they always fit well, these are no exception. Comfortable, look good, and dry quickly after they get wet.
4 months ago
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KEEN Newport H2 Sandal Review – All Conditions Hiking
​Our Final Thoughts on the KEEN Newport H2 SandalThe KEEN Newport H2 Hiking Sandal is a rock solid water shoe. We expected this from KEEN, a brand we respect from extensive testing of shoes across a range of categories, and the Newport H2's quality and features proved consistent with our previous experiences with KEEN. With the feature set you expect from a high-end hiking boot, this water shoe is perfect for:Those with foot problems looking for a sandal or water shoe that provides plenty of foot and arch support
4 months ago
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Falling Apart at the Seams!
I gave this 2 stars because I really like the sandal fit and foot protection. Great for all around summer wear. But....they fall apart at critical seams. See photo of pair failing in 3 of 4 stress points. For $100 and with known problem (see other reviews) we should expect more from Keen. How much d...
4 years ago
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Best Sandals Eva
I bought these for my 16 year old son. He loves them,. He says they're the most comfortable sandals ever. This is not our first time purchasing Keen sandals. I have a pair and both my boys have been were these type of sandals since they were in elementary school
4 months ago
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