JBL L100

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JBL L100 Classic Bookshelf Loudspeaker Review - Modern Take on a Classic
The L100’s bass. ability was made abundantly clear in scenes in arctic storms where the gusting.
4 months ago
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JBL L100 Classic review - My amateur review.
Last month, my wife changed the living room completely, adding an 80's vibe to it. She spent hours researching a new set of speaker, new speakers with an old-looking design that sounded great, after all, it needed to match the new decor. The two final contenders were Klipsch heresy iv and the JBL L100 Classic. I watched and read many reviews on these two speakers and decided to go with the JBL.
Cleaning out parent's basement and found this stuff - JBL L100 Century Speakers and more
I'm guessing the L100's need to have the woofer surrounds replaced but those are legendary speakers. Check out the surrounds and replace, if necessary, and oil up the wood. Those are keepers.
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JBL L100 Classic Review: A '70s speaker revived as a modern standout
The L100 Classic is a beautiful speaker with a well-rounded sound that is mostly neutral, with a bit of a forward character to spice things up.
4 months ago
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Back to a full Pre-amp and amp setup. Love the sound of tubes. Very Natural sounding.
After reading many reviews on the new JBL L100-Classic I decided to pull the trigger. They sound amazing, giving the music a feeling of being in a "live" venue. A tube amp (Mcintosh MC275) and a tube preamp (prima luna D100 preamp) completed the setup. I couldn't be happier with the sound, warm, and still detailed.
Just one word to describe these: amazing!
2 years ago
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My listening space
That’s about the same level of inflation/increase as the JBL L100’s that I ordered to replace the RP-280F’s which replaced JBL L96’s purchased new in the early 80’s for $800. Really miss those JBL’s but got rid of them when they needed to be re-coned for the second time thinking technology must be better (not) and jumped on the L100 Classics when I saw them.
Retro sound with JBL’s L100 Classic loudspeaker | Darko.Audio
Wrap. The JBL is an easy speaker to listen to. Just relax into its big sound, we don’t need audiophile ears to appreciate its dynamic presentation
4 months ago
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To grille or not to grille, that is the question.
Im loving my JBL L100 Classics. I’ve had them for a couple months now.
Discussion: new vintage inspired gear. Trendy or the real deal?
As a former JBL rep I can tell you nearly everything is better with new L100. Much smoother, more detailed, and deeper bass. Resulting from more advanced drivers and crossover. And when you adjust for inflation, they're about the same price.


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