Polk Audio OWM3


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Polk Audio OWM3

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Great versatility in mounting options
Solid build quality
Clear highs and good mid-range
Good value for the price
Not suitable as main speakers due to weak bass
Stands can be difficult to remove
Some complaints about porting


Overall, the Polk Audio OWM3 speakers are well-regarded for their versatility in mounting options and solid build quality. They are often used as surround speakers in home theater setups and are praised for their clear highs and good mid-range. However, some reviewers note that the bass is weak and they are not suitable as main speakers. The OWM3s are also frequently recommended for use as height channels in Atmos setups. While there are some minor complaints about the stands being difficult to remove or the speakers being ported, the majority of reviews are positive and recommend the OWM3s as a good value for the price.


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