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  • Great for bookshelf speakers
  • Clear balanced and neutral sound
  • Huge soundstage on well-recorded music
  • Phenomenal for highs and mids
  • Incredible for movies


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All engineering and no music makes KEF a dull boy.
KEF is owned by a Chinese company (Gold Peak), and the R3 speakers are made in China. The woofers are paper cones with an aluminium façade. Purchased the KEF R3 for the studio where I work as a recording engineer. Even after a hundred hours of burn-in, the high frequencies are dull. Not only does th...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Moving on from Spotify - what sounds good through Sonos speakers?
I can tell there is better imaging and detail with CD quality over Spotify on a KEF R3 and NAD system, subtle, but not on stereo Play 1s or a Beam. Perhaps an Amp with good speakers, or Port into a DAC. I use Roon and Qobuz for catalog management, critical listening and Qobuz's better payout to artists. Otherwise, whole home listening is compressed stations from SomaFM, Spotify radios or turntable to a Port.
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She knows she’s not supposed to sit there!
Posted here before, but got a nice pic of the two little shits so I figured I’d pay some more tax. KEF R3’s, run off of the NAD M10 with DIRAC. Not in the picture is the dual SVS SB1000s. Fantastic imaging and clarity!
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Still design in Britain
Another reviewer posted that he preferred Bowers and Wilkins to these speaker for studio work, that is his prerogative. However he did misrepresent KEF, while they are a subsidiary of Peak Industries, the speakers are designed and tested in England. I must note that his Bowers and Wilkins are also m...
Matt F
2 years ago
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KEF R3 Review: Exemplary speakers that do almost everything right
But those are minimal complaints in the greater context of the speaker‘s performance. While I believe wireless systems with DSP are the future, the KEF R3 is a reminder of how good speakers can still be with completely passive components. The R3 is pretty, sounds great no matter where you’re listening from, and is not finicky about placement
4 months ago
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I raise your Friday night with my Sunday morning :)
Thanks to the help from this sub, I've upgraded from my old set up to this - Kef R3 speakers that are being paired with a Cambridge Audio Evo 150. Sounds absolutely amazing and Ive found myself spending pretty much all my spare time seated in front of it. There is also an old Sherwood turntable which is absolutely going to be the next thing to be swapped out.
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Anyways, I went with a pair of KEF R3 and here are my impressions (I’m no sound expert so pls treat these accordingly) -. 1. Much better bass extension. So far I like the response with speakers at 40 cm from the wall and slightly toed in.
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A lot of speaker for the money.
I have had several terrific speakers over the past 35 years, but this is my first pair of KEF's. There are some excellent stand-mount speakers in this price range and I listened to 6 or 7 of them. All the competitors I heard are terrific in one or two performance criterion. The KEF R3 cannot best so...
A. R.
2 years ago
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Just got these pretty little Thiel CS1.5s in.
They don’t create gobs of bass and pressurize the (very big) room, but neither do my other speakers (KEF R3, Polk LSiM 703). It is quite sufficient. I’m in a condo, so gonzo bass might create an issue. I’ve noticed that voice and piano sound particularly good so far in informal listening, just ripping through well-known songs.
You want quality sound from small packages, then give R3's a shot. Phenomenal sound quality for bookshelf speakers. They do music amazingly and do movies extremely incredibly too! Just a great investment for me and proud to have them set up in my home system.
Honest Abe
2 years ago
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