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Compare: MojoDesk vs. the iMovR Lander Sit-to-Stand Desk
This cost disparity places the iMovR Lander out of reach for the average gamer or user.
4 months ago
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I was all set on buying an iMovR Lander desk until I found out about their shady review site. It seemed to me that they had by far the best product, but I was really put off by their apparent need to be dishonest in propping up their own product while trashing all their competitors in a manner that made the reviews look like they were supposed to be independent. Meanwhile the rest of the places that review standing desks (like Wirecutter) are silent about iMovR and all its desks. However, as I said, they do appear to have the best product out there in terms of materials used and selection offered, and a lot of their competitors seem to make their desks with lower quality bases from China.
iMovR Lander Standing Desk Review
As in many commercial fields, we see a continuous stream of new standing desk products in our test lab every month, including many “me too” products from countless copycat producers. Yes, there are the occasional few with one or two nice evolutionary enhancements like a new tabletop finish option or...
I recently bought a iMovr Lander (didn't know about their marketing practices until after the purchase... might have reconsidered had I known, but anyway). I noticed some wobble at 80 cm. Nothing very serious, but minor vibration that sometimes kind of gets on my nerves.
iMovR Lander Desk Review ✔️ goStanding
It’s a good thing that this iMovR desk tops our list with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a ten-year warranty on all moving components and electronics, and five years on the tabletop. Overall Pros and Cons Is the Lander desk one of the best standing electronic desks? If you look past the hefty price, then for us, it is THE best.
4 months ago
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Was going to buy an iMovR Lander; now don’t know what I want
But as I was buying a standing desk anyway, it made sense for me to combine.). Anyway, point is, I was also sketched out by the fake review site, but ultimately decided that regardless, they seemed to offer the product that checked all of my boxes, and that I've only ever heard glowing reviews about the quality of. I can now echo those glowing reviews. I'm extremely happy with my Lander desk, and consider it to have been worth every penny.
As long as I can walk and type without making things worse. Seems like the Imovr Lander or Cascade is a pretty good option but I'm not picky if it works.
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iMovR Lander - Best Standing Desk? (@RebirthofSOC)
It's gon na be more than functional. Everything that I hoped it would be in terms of my requirements is gon na work.
4 months ago
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White glove service
I bought an Imovr Lander desk. I understand if you chat with a sales rep they can provide this separately but you have to buy it through a salesperson and as this is not offered on the site.
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Lander Desk Review and Huge Giveaway
So that's actually on its way as we speak right now, so whether you get a street desk or a l-shaped desk or even a Troutman tusk, trust me when I say that the länder desk, serious remover, is definitely the way to go. Okay guys. So here are the details of this giveaway, so we're going to January 1st 2020 we're going to give away one of these lantern light deskaway valued at $ 799
4 months ago
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