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Vari Electric Standing Desk 48x30

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  • Great for heavy typists
  • Solid and quiet as it raises and lowers
  • Built like a steel bridge
  • Only five laminate desktops
  • No preset buttons on the top of the desk


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Review: The Varidesk ProDesk 48 Electric standing desk
Beyond that, you could always add an exercise bike to the equation or build your own hamster wheel, but for a balance of sturdiness, style and functionality the ProDesk 48 Electric ticks all the boxes. It's rock solid (even at full extension), it looks great, it’s hard to scratch, easy to clean, and in the time we’ve spent with it, it functions flawlessly. In short, it does everything you need to free yourself from that slouchy spot over your keyboard and bring a bit more movement into your work day
4 months ago
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Old model
The media could not be loaded. This is the OLD version of the VariDesk still for sale on Amazon which you can spot because it has the crossbar. It’s very solid and quiet as it raises and lowers but it doesn’t express up or down when you press the preset buttons. You have to continue to hold the pres...
Eric N. Greaux
2 years ago
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Great stability & performance & looks, poor top quality.
09.16.2020 - Initial Review Preface: How i do my reviews. I do initial review at time of purchase than if anything changes through out my ownership of the product i come back and make additional notes and adjust stars as needed. The frame, and assembly was superb, very easy to assemble as most of it...
2 years ago
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Solid, Quiet, Built like a steel bridge!
"Built like a steel bridge... and as HEAVY too!" No question this desk will last awhile, though I question if it truly needs to be made with such heavy steel stock. Surely that will be a strain on the motors? It easily could be made with heavy aluminum and do the same job, at half the weight. In any...
Doug Bowker
2 years ago
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Missing desk top..
Not everything is in the box for such a large purchase.
Tenzing kunchok
3 years ago
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This desk is awesome! Worth the price!
Wow what a great desk! Extremely sturdy. Heavy top and strong base. Very smooth and quiet to adjust. It only took about 15 minutes to assemble. It came with a couple of nice tools (not cheap and useless). Most snapped together (unlike the cheaper desks that have a million screws to assemble). It als...
2 years ago
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Best decision for this WFH leader
After months of working from home and feeling like I was spending too much time slumped in a work chair, I started to investigate a standup desk. I looked at cheaper options including those that sit on top of an existing desk, but settled on this one based on the reviews. It was important to me to h...
2 years ago
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Great desk, easy to install,
I like that it was super easy to assemble (it's definitely heavy, though, so have someone around to help you flip it) and that the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I like the programmability of the heights, too. I gave 3 stars for value - and this is just me - I looked at this desk a year...
2 years ago
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feature not working, i have raised a complaint
i have been using this product in my work and at my home office. I have bought a third one for my home. The vertical adjustment of height doesnot work. I have raised a complaint on the same day , no response so far. The lack of response is frustrating
ramaswamy prabhu
2 years ago
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Excellent for Work from Home
I got this desk after a couple of months working from home. It was a great change from my old seating desk. Vari's desk is sturdy and well built. It's easy to assemble (I did not give 5 starts as some pieces are big and difficult to move). But quality is great. Probably more expensive than other alt...
1 year ago
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Max Load Weight

220 lbs

Adjustable Height

Yes (electric)

Assembly Required



Built-in control panel, heavy-duty frame, LED display panel, 4-height programmable memory