Fully Jarvis

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  • Great for people who work from home
  • Motorized lift can raise up to 25 inches at 1.5 inches per second
  • Fully customizable with a wide range of options
  • Comes in a variety of colors and finishes
  • An attractive price point for the quality it offers


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Holy crap! I LOVE this desk! I've been working in IT for 30 years and working from home for about 20. I've had a LOT of different styles and brands of desks. This has to be my favorite. It came packed extremely well... and it's HEAVY!!! I LOVE the bamboo look and the alloy frame I chose. I recently ...
Brandon G.
3 years ago
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Jarvis Standing Desk Review
[Editors Note: Fully, the maker of the Jarvis desk, was recently acquired by Knoll.]
The Jarvis Standing Desk
The Jarvis is a mid-tier electric, standing desk sold exclusively by Portland, Oregon-based ergonomic products retailer Fully (formerly known as ErgoDepot). As such, it is not a product so...
4 months ago
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For the mid-ranges, my research says there's a consensus that Fully Jarvis is a good option. I'm trying to decide if I should get the laminate top (which appears to be the heaviest of the mid range options) or just get the frame and then make the top myself in my garage woodshop with a heavy hardwood.
Fully Jarvis standing desk review: A motorized bruiser
Fully JarvisA top-of-the-line offering that allows you to customize your setup.The Fully Jarvis standing desk is a top-of-the-line that allows you to fully customize your setup. With the motorized ability to raise a full 25 inches at speeds up to 1
4 months ago
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Favorite standing desk and best chair recommendation
I’ve been using a Fully Jarvis for two plus years with a desktop I bought from lowes and finished. I have two heavy 27” on ergo arms and a 14”. Laptop plus some desk accessories,. Works fantastic.
Are more expensive standing desks worth it?
Only thing is the desktop from Fully has 5 inches more depth. So i'll know for sure when it's delivered whether I return and just keep the frame. I went Fully over Uplift because their black friday deals didn't start until you spent 1K and their frame alone will be over $600. I got Fully Jarvis frame, desktop, and mountable surge protector for what I'd get for just the frame and one extra with Uplift.
Folk from the UK - what standing desk are you using?
I've bought Fully Jarvis like a month ago and been loving it so far! Got the extended frame so it was a bit more than £500 but it was worth it.
Hello,. I ordered a Fully Jarvis desk a couple weeks ago after doing a bit of research and seeing a lot of positive feedback online.
Jarvis vs. Autonomous?
I have a Fully Jarvis. I really like it, and it's been working well for about a year. However, I would have gone with an Uplift desk had I not needed such a small size.
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FRISKA Desk v Fully (Jarvis) Standing Desks – Which Are Better?
It’s not just your investment that’s on the line when you equip yourself and your team with a sit/stand desk. The right standing desk aids productivity, supports health and well-being and gives energy levels a boost. But how can you tell the nearly right from the really right?
We’ve dug into the de...
4 months ago
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Product Dimensions

30 x 60 x 25.5 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




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