Imalent MS18

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This thing is dangerous.
I got mine a little over two weeks ago. I did not measure the output my self but my comments are from utube reviews. I recommend any one considering buying it to check the utube reviews. The claim of 100,000 lumens is more of a marketing ploy then reality, yes it will produce 100,000 lumens for one ...
Stephen Suckenik
3 years ago
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(NLD) couple of weeks ago I didn't care about flashlights. I discovered this sub and this is my first purchase. Zl H600w IV. Pls help
Imalent MS18 is the king of photon grenades, although not a sodacan light. You'll need good enough hearing protection to avoid hearing the cooling fans.
Did not honor warranty
Flashlight worked fine for several months, then it just refused to light. Talked with the staff, did all their suggestions, even uploaded multiple videos proving it was not working. So, they had me ship it back to them in Georgia. Never heard from them again and never received the flashlight back.
IT Admin
2 years ago
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i can get it cheaper
you can get it cheaper on amazon
2 years ago
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This light was awesome while it worked.
I was really excited about this flashlight and looking forward to getting as soon as I heard about it. When I finally got it I was impressed by it. By far the brightest light I have ever owned. Fast forward two weeks and it has stopped working, now I have a $600 paperweight. When it worked it was gr...
Frank Joyn Urrutia
4 years ago
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While this is a very interesting product. Please I reccomend you do not buy it unless you are filthy rich. It's pretty cool I won't lie. But you will be kicking yourself in the butt saying, why on earth did I almost spend a thousand dollars on a flashlight. Besides this it is also only going to see ...
2 years ago
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As bright as 50 flood lights...
What can I this thing is actually brighter than daylight. At the same time dangerous. Do not buy this to play around or you could find yourself in court. I work outdoors late at night and use that as an excuse for being a tech geek at heart and purchasing this light. It does what it claims...
3 years ago
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Imalent MS18 100,000 Lumen Flashlight Review - When God Needs A Light
So if you detected someone on your property and let's say they had a weapon like a a knife or something - and let's say they were still far enough away - you know that you weren't going lethal. This would be a great option because they can't even look in your direction when this thing is blasting all that light at them so yeah, i consider it a pretty nasty non-lethal weapon. Now, let's talk price, the current price is uh is 600 and some dollars on us amazon
4 months ago
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Charging port weak might get loose. Very bright flashlight.
The media could not be loaded. The weak part is where you put the flash light to recharge the battery. This was after 3 weeks of using this product. It's very bright and set things on fire. Wished there was a base to recharge the battery. The battery goes for about $230.00 for this flashlight. I wil...
3 years ago
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100,000 Lumen Flashlight. Imalent MS18
If you are interested in these lights, there will be a link in the YouTube description for purchase. There will also be a coupon code to save you, some money be sure to let us know what you think about the imalent ms18 and the R90TS guys. Thank you
Matt Smith
4 months ago
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Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Ion

Number of Batteries

8 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Water Resistance Level


Product Dimensions

10.43"D x 5.07"W x 5.07"H