Sennheiser HD 560S

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  • Great for music
  • Comfortable
  • Clamping is good
  • Not as comfortable as the SHP9500
  • Neutral tonality


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A real bargain for the money
Comparing these to my reference HD 600 headphones. I feel the 560 has a better deep bass response than the 600. Great mid-range and high end without being annoying. I can't see anybody being disappointed in the HD-560, especially at this price point.
M. Kraft
2 years ago
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Best Sound Under $250-$300
I have the bereynamic 1990 pros. Those are excellent I use those for Opera which I don't listen to classical music rock and anything that was made by a human that sounds really awesome. I didn't want to wear those out though because those are like $600. I needed something to play video games with an...
1 month ago
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Sennheiser HD 560S + FiiO K3. My intro into hifi! So far so good, sound is crisp and clean!
I was looking for an upgrade from my Phillips SHP9500, when I came across two nice headphones at the same price range, the Hifiman HE400i 2020 rev. and the Sennheiser HD 560S. I tested them both out at the shop with the K3 dac, but I realised the hifimans were much darker than these and I appreciate the clarity more. The bass response in the two were quick and rich, but these just sounded more right and clear to my ears.
Sennheiser HD 560S
The Sennheiser HD 560S are wired open-back headphones meant for neutral listening. They deliver a well-balanced sound profile that should suit most musical genres and deliver audio consistently. They're also very comfortable, with a relatively lightweight design and plenty of plush padding. Like mos...
Dagobiet Morales Alfaro
1 month ago
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Wireless mod&Comparison with HD650/K701/DT990/Ultrasone/KOSS
For reference: about me -20yrs + audio enthusiast with both cans/IEMs -over 100IEMs / 50 headphone personal inventory, including UM MEST MKII, Thieaudio Monarch, Moondrop Blessing2, Sennheiser HD650, AKG K701, K340, beyerdynamic DT990 Verdict: Well-worth the value, compared to HD560S rivals HD6XX, K...
1 year ago
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Detailed, Neutral, great low-end extension, and probably my favorite mixing headphones to date!
A little background on my experiences with studio headphones in general: I've really struggled to find a good pair over the years that accomplished exactly what I was looking for and gave me a good way to monitor mixes when I don't have access to full studio monitors (which is, most of the time.) I'...
Jarren Crist
1 month ago
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First Pair of Open-Back Headphones! Sennheiser HD 560s + Schiit Fulla 3.
On initial listening I was blown away by the accuracy of the 560s and was very pleased with the clear bass response that I did not find to be underwhelming in the slightest. I also purchased a replacement 3.5 mm cable that’s a much more manageable length than the stock cable that also required an adapter to use with 3.5 mm jacks.
r/headphones Shopping and Setup Help Desk (2020-10-21)
**Sennheiser HD 560S**: I have a pair of closed *PXC550* which I'm happy with, but they do feel very intimate. Not sure how much of that will still remain in an open pair, or if the soundstage will widen and the positioning will actually be good. Also, they are quite plasticy compared to the others.
r/headphones Shopping, Setup, and Technical Help Desk
Furthermore, I have realized that MQA is not worth the hassle to me.If I knew all of this in the first place, I would have stuck with my stack, but that didn't happen. Just to clarify, I run the 560s balanced with the 4.4mm output on the KT2Pro, so I believe if I bought a pair of high impedance headphones, I would have to run them balanced, like it or not.
r/headphones Shopping, Setup, and Technical Help Desk
- Sennheiser HD 560S: really like the overall sound, the staging and the bass, but they are uncomfortable for longer wearing. I have kind of a big head and the clamping force bugs me. Also my ears touch the drivers (especially on the right side), so it has not enough "ear-room". **Preferred Music** - pop, rock, classic + I want to use the headphones for watching TV at night.


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