Hifiman HE400SE

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Astonishing value for money
These headphones have blown me away for their price. The sound quality is fantastic for a $150 headphone. I have heard $400 wireless headphones that sound like tin cans on a string compared to these fantastic planar-magnetic headphones. The best description of the sound quality of these cans is "neu...
Paul Kelly
1 year ago
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I love everything about these... except the comfort
So as a preface I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD 598s for about 4 or 5 years now. They've been superb and my favorite pair of headphones to date. I could wear them all day without any ear fatigue and could even forget I was wearing them while also sounding amazing. I guess I was spoiled. I started r...
2 months ago
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Fidelio X2HR vs hd 599 vs hd 560S
HiFiman he400se, it's the latest iterations of the he400i. I think you should consider these too.
HiFiMan HE400se
However, their wallet-friendly price point comes with a couple of caveats. The manufacturer has already made one silent revision, replacing the original braided audio cable with a thicker rubber cable due to user reports of poor build quality and breakage. There's a chance you still may receive the headphones with the original cable though, depending on the manufacturing batch
Jake Thauvette
1 month ago
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[PA] Looking for new headphones, somewhat of an audiophile, but also on a budget
You can always have an audiophile headphone under $150
Fully Audiophile grade Budget under $150
\- HIFIMAN HE400se .
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Amazing for the price with EQ
Out of the box these were underwhelming, but after letting them break in they are incredible. Out of the box they seemed colored, and cold/dry sounding. Let them break in, and get used to the sound. After you've done that you'll realize how much better these are than what you have. These do have a p...
1 year ago
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I've never cared for the headphones/earbuds I've tried before, but I do like these!
I've never been a fan of headphones/earbuds (anecdotally, it seems I have more sensitive ears than most and find there is something about having the sound source close to my ears that makes my ear canals and drums ache even at low volumes). As long as I keep the volumes reasonable, I experience only...
2 months ago
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HD6XX vs Sundara for an audio newb
IMO consider an Hifiman He400se, it is very similar to a Sundara and really not that much worse in terms of sound. With the money saved you can get a discrete amp for PC use and use the apple dongle as a dac and you'll have a really decent audio set up. Other options: HD560/DT880/K612 (for K612 you will basically almost be compelled to get a discrete amp for it as the dongle won't be enough, though as a dac it should be fine.
Headphones for gaming and music
Look into Hifiman he400se and harmonicdyne Helios
First audiophile headphones.
I bought the HIFIMAN HE400se which is $129 on sale on Hifiman's website
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