Greenroom136 Rainmaker

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  • Great for carrying a lot of gear
  • Looks great
  • Lots of pockets for organization
  • Comfortable carry
  • Very spacious


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Greenroom136 Rainmaker Backpack - Matterful
Tech looks. Epic innovation.
All Time Fav.
Hardest Core™©
Tight tech daily driver
Tech Rambler
Most Epic Basic
Rugged. Techy.
Dad Bag Epic™
Organized. Sturdy
Slimline. Classic.Solid Everyday Tech
Unbreakable, epic and essential.
2 months ago
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My 24L Work-Travel Packlist
That’s a cool pack! Thanks for breaking it down like that. I’m debating moving from my Greenroom136 Rainmaker to a smaller bag for my edc/travel bag. Will the Topo fit as the personal item on a plane?
Will be buying these until I'm too old to wear backpacks. 100% recommend
This backpack is seriously perfect. Looks incredible too, I'm hoping to have this for a long time. My only regret is not getting the canvas colored one - amazon store was out of stock at the time and I needed it right away. If I have some extra money this summer, I might pick up the tan version too;...
N. Holmes
6 years ago
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What's a cheaper but equally durable alternative to the GORUCK GR1?
Greenroom136 rainmaker is often suggested as a high quality and cheaper alternative to gorucks. It can be customized to have 1-2 water bottle pockets, which also gets rid of the clamahell opening and might be perfect for you.
Help me on my quest: One bag to rule them all.
Just purchased and waiting on my custom Greenroom136 Rainmaker. Take a look at that one.
Work and leisure, all in one amazing bag!
I bought the Rainmaker (Medium) last month and took it on a backpacking trip. Very comfortable carry, extremely spacious and love the abundance of inner pockets to keep my things organized.
PL Chan
6 years ago
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Black ember forge questions
Carries ok but not the most comfortable strap I've worn, Greenroom136 Rainmaker takes the crown for me so far. One nice trick is I used the expansion zipper like a compression cube.
How many of your bags do you actually use regularly?
Greenroom136 Rainmaker for my gaming laptop and larger IT stuff. Funk St. Commuterpak for days i only need a tablet and a Switch (or if I'm going to work via bicycle). Code of Bell X-Pod if it's short trips where I would just need my keys and wallet.