GoRuck 34L GR2

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  • Great for minimal travel
  • Bag is bombproof
  • Bullet rock is a good option for you
  • GORUCK gr 2 is an excellent combination of items


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GORUCK GR2 Review (One Year Test) | Pack Hacker
If you’re looking for a (nearly) bomb proof bag and have no problem acquiring heavier weight for a nearly indestructible bag, the GORUCK GR2 is a good option for you. If you’re looking for an even larger one, check out our thoughts on the GR3.
At the time of publishing this review, we’ve used and t...
5 months ago
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Digital nomading (long term) bag suggestion?
I travel with a GoRuck GR2 34L. And I can use it as a personal item on most (but not all) planes by removing my jacket and 1 cube. ______. - Nice to have: shoulder strap adjustable.
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GR1 vs GR2
The 34L GR2 doesn’t feel too bulky or floppy when it’s only lightly packed, but the GR1 feels and looks a lot smaller when it’s not fully packed. The second compartment on the GR2 just makes it bigger.
GR1 26L vs GR2 34L
I just got the 34L GR2 and the thing is NICE. It honestly feels a bit smaller than an assault bag, but with compartments for storage. Plus its stiff like a 3-day ruck. If you ranger roll everything, you probably won't ever need a dedicated luggage for traveling ever again.
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I currently use a Goruck Gr2 34L, but i have some giftcards and was thinking about getting this bag. I typically pair the Goruck with the Waterfield Designs airporter for. International travel, but if the Rush 72 is really 55l im thinking with how i pack I can truly use it as my only bag and still have space for if i buy anything on the ground.
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* Goruck GR2 34L -(+molle water bottle holder) I like the two-pocket setup and the organisation. Don't like spending 6Million Australian Dolarydoos. * Osprey Porter 30L - Doesn't get smaller when not fully packed, stupid compression system obstructs the quick access pocket. * Pakt Backpack - Side-open clamshell seems poor for EDC and no organisation compartment to speak of.
Is the GORUCK GR1 really worth the price tag?
I’m going with the GR2 34L, lifetime warranty is the big selling point for me I have gone through 6 backpacks in the last 7 years, it’s cost me more buying cheaper backpacks and having to replace them
2 years ago
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Most versatile GoRuck bag?
Will be the best for all the workout stuff you want to do and gives you the space for the hikes. However, a 7-day hike would probably be too much. I have never personally hiked with any of my GORUCK bags but a weekend trip or even a 5 day trip with the Rucker should be manageable as long as you pack right and only bring the essentials. I personally use the 20L Rucker for events and working out because I like the smaller profile and I use my 26L GR1 or 34L GR2 for trips.
GR1 26L vs GR2 34L
I finally settled on the 34L GR2 for the organization. I use it for both travel and EDC and couldn’t be happier. I carry a lot of tech, gym clothes, books etc, and the zippered pockets are amazing. The bags are virtually identical externally (same height and width) except for that the GR2 is a bit deeper than the GR1.
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Is GR2 a serious travel pack?
Either way, I own a 34L GR2 and love it! It is great for travel. I went with the smaller of the two sizes for budget airline purposes (especially the Asian ones). I don't feel the need for a hip belt, but do feel as though a sternum strap helps.



21 x 13 x 9 inches


4 lbs. 14 oz.


17 inches


34 liters