Garmin Instinct Solar

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  • Great for outdoor activities
  • GPS is great in the solar model
  • Watch is comfortable and lightweight
  • Battery life is great
  • Works well with other Garmin devices


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Tried Them All, This Is The Best
LATEST UPDATE AT BOTTOM (5/11/2020) What a frustrating activity tracker/smart watch journey I have been on. Nothing seemed quite right for what I was looking for. I am an avid outdoorsman who likes to hunt, backpack, hike, bike, and occasionally run. Things that are extremely important to me are an ...
4 years ago
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* Syncing: Most of the time it syncs via bluetooth to my phone inside the Connect app automatically, sometimes I have to refresh it or have it sync from the watch menu. Clunky at times, but only an issue once or twice. * Messaging, Phone: There is functionality to screen phone calls and texts, which has been unexpectedly great. If someone texts me or calls I can see if it's important without looking at my phone and potentially getting derailed by that.
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Distraction-free GPS watch?
Garmin Instinct Solar. Simple, functional, great battery life especially with Expedition mode
The perfect smartwatch for people who dislike smartwatches.
This model came out from Garmin at the same time I was starting to seriously want a device for a mixture of tracking activity, in my case most of which is outdoor oriented, like hiking and riding my mountain bike, plus I wanted to start exploring some physical data from a heart rate monitor as I get...
4 years ago
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Strap attachment broke, but they’re sending a replacement device! It was SO simple. Great customer service. In the meantime…
Couldn't get it to stop unless I moved the device far enough away to stop it from seeing my phone and then run out of battery. There wasn't a 4th time. I went ahead and got a Garmin Instinct Solar. I wish you luck with Fitbit, I miss the indepth and accurate sleep tracking as well as smart wakeup, but I can't deal with how poorly the device holds up.
So far, so awesome
The Garmin Instinct is really great, but maybe not as "fancy" as some might want. First of all, as a reference, I already own the Garmin Fenix 5 plus... meaning I have the "fancier" version of the Instinct. But the ruggedness of the Instinct, and the fact that it totally reminds me of the screen on ...
Sandan Kenpo
4 years ago
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Has anyone experience with Garmin watches (f.e. tactix delta) in extreme environments? Like heavy military trainings and deployments? Does it perform well in those extreme situations?
Garmin Instinct Solar- daily wear on deployments and training. Works great.
Surprisingly useful gear?
Also my Garmin Instinct Solar watch. Perfect mix of watch, navigation backup, fitness tracking, phone notifications and other smartwatch features.
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Wow! For the Common Person, a Good Reliable Smart Watch
I am very impressed with this watch . If you want to show off the latest Apple or Samsung watch, fine. This watch just works. Waterproof, Military spec, a tough watch from Garmin. This is my first Garmin, it is tougher, more reliable, and easier to use than a FItbit or Apple or Samsung watch. I have...
4 years ago
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Love it
I am a petite (under 5'1 and 110lbs) woman and the watch is not nearly as big and cumbersome as I feared. It is a smart watch though, and a rugged one at that, so it has some bulk compared to normal watches, but nothing distracting and it's light as can be. I will say, the seafoam blue color is a mu...
3 years ago
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Supported Host Device OS

iOS, Android


Missed calls, calendar, SMS, Email, social apps


GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver

Activity / Sport

Running, swimming, ski, cycling, hiking, fishing, climbing, snowboarding, rower, kayaking, hunting, jumpmaster, stand up paddleboarding