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Garmin Fenix 7

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I went from a 6 Pro Solar to a 7X Sapphire Solar. This is what I found
1. Almost instantly detected Vo2 with no extra work 2. Batter life is insane. Absolutely amazing 3. When saving some activities the middle left button is the best way to scroll. It is a bit counter-intuitive compared to my 6 but I will be used to it after a couple of rides 4. GPS is much better 5. W...
8 months ago
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Amazing watch with nothing missed from older models
Absolutely zero regrets with the F7x. Wanted to get a few activities completed and waited until I had to charge it before posting this review. Once I saw the Fenix 7x Sapphire was announced, immediately purchased on the same day. Waited only 2 days before selling the 6x Sapphire on an online auction...
8 months ago
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Best GPS Watch of 2022 - GearLab
The Garmin Fenix 7 is the best GPS watch we've ever tested. This model is intuitive and accurate, with a battery life that'll last through most ultra-distance events. The Garmin user interface is our favorite, and the extensive feature helps improve our time outdoors without being annoying or diffic...
9 months ago
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Perfect, except the music player
Battery life is great, tracking is excellent, and I'm really impressed by everything it does and how well. Also a huge fan of the transflective screen vs AMOLED. Indoors, it looks like a normal watch and not my phone. In bed, I can check it without being blinded. Outside, it's stunning. However, if ...
oopsie no bueno
8 months ago
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Pricey but worth it for multi day backpacking
I tried the Fénix 5X and returned it because it was very tedious to use the maps with buttons only. The Fénix 7X Sapphire Solar not only solves this problem but has a massive increase in battery life and better sensors all around. Most well-traveled trails don’t need fancy GPS watches, but I’ve been...
7 months ago
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Great watch, with a learning curve
This is my first smart watch, so I'm assuming the small issues I have with it are user error, and not actually something wrong with the watch. Pros: The battery life of this watch is phenomenal, and I haven't even gotten to use it in the sun much with the amount of rain we've been getting. All of th...
daniel schlotte
6 months ago
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Top of the line
Converted from a Fitbit Versa with dying battery, hated to switch and lose all my stats but the change was inevitable due to lack of support . After using this Garmin product for a few weeks I'm happy I made the switch when I did, the watch is loaded with features I'm still learning to use properly ...
Dave S.
5 months ago
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exceeded expectations
Perfect replacement for my Forunner 735XT (see photos for comparison). The saphire solar is only a few grams heavier and otherwise identical in size. I like doing triathlons and the extra metrics with the newer model watches are a welcome change for those of us using outdated tech. That being said t...
P J Edmonds
8 months ago
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Super nice
Very nice! I even got it 3 days early! Great service. Excited to use it
8 months ago
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There’s no better multi sport watch
If you are looking for more data than you need, more battery life than necessary and a worry free type of product, lol no further, I’ve been buying Fenix series ever since the 2, and this is as close you can get to perfection. Perhaps the next one will come with voice to text message response and be...
Alex Freiria
6 months ago
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Built-in Sports Apps; Backcountry Ski; XC Ski Dynamics; Surf-Ready Features; MTB Dynamics; HIIT Workouts; Daily Workout Suggestions; Visual Race Predictor; PacePro™ Technology; ClimbPro Feature; Performance Metrics; Real-Time Stamina; Recovery Time Advisor See more

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