Garmin Forerunner 945

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  • Great for beginners
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to use interface
  • Music capabilities are good
  • Emergency contact alert is a great feature


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The Best Fitness Watch on the Market. Comparison to Fenix 5, Apple Watch 4
Before I get to the review, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself so you know how I use the watch. I’m an Emergency Medicine Doctor, beginner to intermediate runner and cyclist, and aspiring triathlete. I’ve owned the Forerunner 945 for about a month now, and prior to this I used the Garmin Fenix ...
3 years ago
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Garmin Forerunner 945 review | Stuff
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You only have to pick up a Garmin smartwatch to know they’re not really designed for the fashion-conscious Apple Watch or Fitbit users. Rather than offering a sleek user experience, Garmin watches are more concern...
Can anyone attest to WHOOP now with the new 4.0 model?
I'm currently running Whoop 4.0 and a Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE. I will not be renewing my Whoop membership when it expires. I like how I can charge it while it's on my wrist, the journaling features of the platform are fantastic. I like knowing that if I had a bad night's sleep, I can see if its from my skin temp, HRV, RHR, or breathing or what.
Not ready for market (broken in two weeks)
I've been a Garmin customer for the last four years starting with the Forerunner 235 up to the fantastic Forerunner 935, which I used for the last two years. The Forerunner 945; is not a worthy successor. In fact the 945 is currently on its way back to the vendor as I type this due to a laundry list...
Justin Passaro
3 years ago
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A justifiable upgrade from the 645 Music
Highly recommended - Exceptional battery life in a lightweight package that fits [on my wrist] slightly smaller than its predecessor. I will still use a 645M as a backup, but this 945 will be my go to, daily, 24/7. I have connected a multitude of devices to it and observed no loss of connection, no ...
3 years ago
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Steps are limited to no more than 65,535?
If you are an ultra runner or marathoner (as I am) you do not use the Oura ring to track this. It’s a shit activity tracker / fitness device in this regard. You should be using a standalone fitness watch like the Forerunner 945 with an HR strap.
Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE In-Depth Review // No Phone Needed! Assistance Plus, Messaging, and More!
So on this ride, the 945 lt was nearly perfect. There was a section right here was a little slow to respond in the drop in heart rate, but overall, there's really not much to complain about here. Taking it outdoors on this road ride, pretty good for the most part, but we see a few little hiccups in some spots
5 months ago
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[Longines] Stuck at the gas pump?
I bought this Longines back in December and between my Forerunner 945 for workouts, it’s glued to my arm. It’s truly a strap hog- I’ve been using Barton Watch Bands to grab a few leathers and canvas straps, finally settling on this rubber strap that provides really nice functionality and look.
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Apple SE to Garmin
The 945 is just a plastic case and only one size, no solar, but it is lighter and less expensive. I have a 945 due to the weight and I love it. If those are a bit too expensive for you, but you still want all the bike sensors (like power meters), a Forerunner 745 is a bit less expensive than those.
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great functionality, battery life
this is a huge upgrade from my old step-centric fitness tracker; i love the built-in workouts for my strength-training days, and the GPS + bluetooth support mean i can track distance & listen to my podcasts on my runs without dragging my phone along. i get about 7-10 days of battery life out of it s...
3 years ago
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Forerunner 945


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