Garmin Fenix 5s

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  • Great for sports
  • Face is smaller than the Fenix 5s
  • Physical buttons
  • Not a triathalon guy/girl


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Get ready to cough up $600
I’m inclined to believe that was the case, because I didn’t experience any other issues after that. Despite all that, this new Garmin very well could be the 2017 multisport GPS watch to beat. At $600, this is not a Fitbit or even an Apple Watch; it’s a commitment watch
Lauren Goode
2 months ago
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The Apple Watch activity feature is like
I actually find the iWatch targets way easier than my previous Garmin Fenix. Garmin is oh you walked 20km today? Let’s do a marathon tomorrow oh and drink 8liters of water for 4 hours!
DON'T BUY GARMIN ON AMAZON!! GO DIRECTLY TO GARMIN USA PAGE I bought this watch on May 2017 and now (March 2018) it stopped working. I contacted Garmin USA - because I bought it right here on this page - and I was informed by Garmin USA that they cannot do anything about it. My watch should be repla...
Marcos Roberto Loução
5 years ago
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Smart Watch
I second Garmin Fenix. I have a Fenix 5 and it does everything I could want. Great for Tri’s but also has everything I would want for skiing, hiking, etc. plus the general health tracking stats are interesting if your into that.
Sexy Technology
At first, I felt overwhelmed that I spent this much money on this. The first couple of days were spent feeling guilty and ashamed, but man I love this thing. I have the white, champagne sapphire 5s. I am uploading a photo for any women out there interested in this. I have tiny hands and a tiny wrist...
Alice Blue
5 years ago
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I am doing about 22 to 25 mpw right now, almost all streets. People seem to be saying that if the primary application is running, definitely go with a forerunner for some of the running analysis feature. However, the Venu Square and the Fenix 5s also look appealing to me.
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A Pebble Owner's Perspective
This is generally a watch designed for the uber-sports guy/girl, but I'm not. I do some open-water swimming and general workouts, but I'm no triathalon guy running 20 miles with sensors all over my body. I'm pretty much a lazy bum who sits in front of a computer all day. So why the fenix?? Well, my ...
5 years ago
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Fenix 5S (400€, too old already?). Fenix 6S (620€, most features and best design of all). Coros Apex (350€ cheapest, but latest revision looks kinda hideous). Suunto 9 Peak (550€, pretty expensive for the small feature set?).
Coming from Apple Watch, what an improvement! (***with UPDATES after one month)
**UPDATES BELOW, with some more Pros and Cons. Original review: I’m 7 days into the Sapphire Fenix 5 coming from a first edition Apple Watch. Needless to say, I upgraded my analytics game. What an amazing piece of equipment. Very much appreciate the accurate insights, exercise effects, VO2 Max, Func...
5 years ago
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Are Fitbits even worth it anymore?
Mine lasted a bit over a year. Then I decided to invest in something better quality. The Garmin Fenix is beautiful and seems more mature than the Fitbit. Training metrics are so much better. You get what you pay for.




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