Garmin Edge 530

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  • Great for serious cyclists
  • Feature rich
  • 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide with a 2.6 inch color screen
  • Turn by turn navigation with Garmin Cycle Map
  • Automatic sync with Garmin Connect


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The Garmin Edge 530 GPS Gives Mountain Bikers Tools for Progression [Review]
Pros and cons of the Garmin Edge 530. Buttons are not intuitiveElevation accuracy can be fuzzy.
3 months ago
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Are Phone Mounts worth is?
It was sleek, looked great, and kept my phone completely secure. I liked it so much that I eventually spent another $50 on an Out Front Pro mount and an adapter so I could mount my headlight beneath it. But after about six months I got tired of the limitations of using my phone as a bike computer (battery life, screen visibility, possible camera damage), and I upgraded to a Garmin Edge 530. In retrospect I wish I'd just put the $120+ I spent on the Quad Lock stuff towards the Garmin.
Know What You Are Buying
The Edge 530 is a very good GPS enabled bike computer. It does everything I expected of it, and did it better than any predecessor. Reading other reviews, there appear to be buyers who do not understand what they are buying. This computer is: 1) A consumer electronic device. That means it is not per...
Forgot My Ginkgo
3 years ago
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I am beginner cyclist and recently bought an Edge 530. I liked the Strava premium's feature to create a route and segments.
Garmin Edge 530 GPS computer review
Garmin Edge 530 verdict: not perfect, but hugely capable and easy to live with. The Edge 530 isn’t perfect but it ticks a lot of boxes for racers and leisure riders alike.
3 months ago
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New to Bike Computers - helppppp
I have a Garmin Edge 530 and it’s great. Can use it for working tracking, navigation and looking at all the fun metrics.
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Garmin Edge 530 review
It's easy to create or download GPX routes, too. The Garmin Edge 530 is a useful unit that's packed full of features. The colour screen and range of integrations make it futureproof for all cycling disciplines, while it maps well and is great for navigating routes and finding secret trails – it's a solid, reliable partner for off-road adventures
3 months ago
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GPS Device Suggestion (Gift for Wife)
So I'm a fan. I might go touch next time - mainly for zooming on maps which is a pain with the buttons. Once I learned how to do it rapidly, I was good with it, but that wasn't intuitive. If you already know Garmin Connect, helping her with the edge should be easy (I have a Fenix and had forerunners before that); it all plays nice with the Edge 530.
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Do I need a bike computer?
Buy a used / refurb garmin 530 edge. Biggest thing for me is the nav ability. You can create custom routes on Strava or other then send them to your garmin for turn by turn directions. I recently moved to Colorado and before that would take my bike on rides all over.
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MBA Product Test: Garmin Edge 530 - Mountain Bike Action Magazine
Field test results: Getting started with the Edge 530 requires some patience and familiarity with Garmin computers. Navigating the seven buttons that surround the Edge 530 quickly becomes intuitive after a few rides for regular Garmin users, but new users may face a slight learning curve. Getting the data points you want to see on screen is likely to take an evening of playing with your computer, but let’s face it, after purchasing one of these, we expect you’ll be happy to spend some quality time playing around with it
3 months ago
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Recommended Use



Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Tracking Data

Speed, heart rate (with optional heart rate sensor), cadence

Included Software

Garmin Cycle Map