Garmin Edge 1030

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  • Great for mountain biking
  • Easy to use interface
  • Lots of features and options
  • Sturdy build quality, but not waterproof
  • No built in maps (but you can add them)


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No alert volume or tone controls
During my 6 months with a 1030 I have lived through a lot of firmware bugs that Garmin has fixed, unfixed, and fixed again. The latest 5.0 firmware seems to have solved the system lockup issues I was having. Using the 1030 by itself is okay now but not so okay when paired with my new Varia RTL510 ra...
4 years ago
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He could very well have killed me had I landed on my head. If he had crossed my in a supermarket and thought I was taking too much space in the alley, would he have pulled a gun and shot me ?. Second worse thing, I didn't think to stop my Garmin Edge, so my average speed for the ride is down 2 km/h. I had pushed hard in hills the whole ride for a good threshold workout, what a waste.
I am Impressed with this device - highly recommended
I don't usually write a review (especially of a product I like). However, I saw so many negative reviews on this site I thought potential customers would benefit from hearing my experience. I have owned this product for about 2 weeks and I purchased it as an upgrade to my Edge 810. So I can make com...
J. Snell
5 years ago
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Garmin 1030 Edge Plus Review
RecommendationBased on our testing, do we recommend the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus? Yes!
3 months ago
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I'm getting more and more disappointed by Garmin. What's Your Opinion?
I am a happy user too, currently with Forerunner 945 and Edge 1030. I have been using Garmin since forever and I appreciate that the hardware and software does what it says on the tin and delivers consistent experience, while adding many very useful features over time.
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus review
The sensors in the Garmin are also used to evaluate various metrics of your ride including the length of jumps, your riding style and the difficulty of a route. Conclusion. The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus proved itself to be a true pathfinder during the course of our test
3 months ago
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Garmin Edge 1030/1030+ - Ride With GPS Help
The Garmin Edge 1030/1030+ is similar in many ways to the Edge 1000. We recommend the 1030/1030+ only for those who wish to have the latest and greatest.
There are a few settings we recommend changing on the Edge 1030/1030+ to give you the best navigation experience. There are many settings avai...
3 months ago
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O'rate me ducks. I walk/hike with the Fenix 6 and cycle with an Edge 1030. The Fenix has been quite reliably recording intensity minuites towards my target on my more strenuous walks but the Edge 1030, not supporting this whilst it being something that Connect *could* calculate it never has counted a good ride towards the minuites.
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Garmin Edge 1030 vs Edge 830: A Comparison (Which Is Right For You?) - Sportive Cyclist
The purpose of this post is to (wait for it...) compare the Garmin Edge 1030 with the Edge 830 so you can work out which is best bike GPS choice for you.(Essentially, is it worth you paying a bit more in order to get the extra 200?)So we’ll be looking at (and comparing) things like size, weight, the...
3 months ago
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Garmin Edge 1030 plus - Functioning re-routing at last? -
After much ridicule for Garmin and its re-routing function, the engineers of the new Edge 1030 plus have definitely eradicated this weak point! Whereas when I was using my Edge 830 recently, I was only on the road with “real” maps as a backup and always looked at my sat nav with uncertainty, the new Edge 1030 plus gives me the usual sense of security and finally allows me to concentrate on riding again and enjoy it!.
3 months ago
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