Fuji Jari

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  • Great for gravel racing
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Lightweight frame
  • Simple design
  • Good for long distance adventures


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New Fuji Jari Carbon gravel bike enables you to strap your snacks to the top tube
Fuji maximises comfort and storage with the revamped Jari gravel bike
By Warren Rossiter Published: July 18, 2022 at 2:30 pm
The original Jari gravel bike from Fuji was typical of the brand. It was great value, well put together and hit all the right notes when it came to practicality.
2 months ago
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Did I make the correct decision in getting a gravel bike as my one singular "do-it-all" bike over a road? And other questions concerning upgrades (hydraulic brakes, suspension seatpost, wheels)
I took a look at the geo on the Jari, it's more relaxed than a racing road bike would be but not too far off the mark of what you'd get with an endurance model, so it seems you picked middle of the road fairly well. For everything you described that you need your bike to do it sounds to me like you picked well. 1. I rode TRP mech discs for 4 years, always hated how hard it was to brake in the hoods (& I have reasonably good grip strength).
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Brakes, tyres and heavy fork let down a great bike
I brought this bike and have ridden it in many conditions.
The frame is amazing rides very well.
Very comfortable geometry.
Finish of the bike by fuji is amazing for price and the oval components are great.
So why only 2 stars??
The brakes are shocking and I live on Tenerife, dry 98% of the tim...
6 months ago
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Beginner Gravel Bike Suggestions
I have a Fuji Jari 2.1 - I wasn't necessarily looking at a Fuji but it has been nearly impossible to find a bike for my height available at shops but luckily I found this one. I've been satisfied with it so far.
Fuji Jari Carbon 1.1 review: a fascinating fence-sitter - CyclingTips
If that’s the case, great – it’s a good frame, with a generous ethos behind it, but keep an eye on the touchpoints and the geometry to be sure that it’s for you. The Fuji Jari is one of the most generously appointed gravel framesets on the market, with an eagerness to cater for as many different riders as possible.
2 months ago
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Did I make the correct decision in getting a gravel bike as my one singular "do-it-all" bike over a road? And other questions concerning upgrades (hydraulic brakes, suspension seatpost, wheels)
Not a single puncture in a year, minimal maintenance, and I can run lower pressure, thus making the ride more comfortable. A no-brainer upgrade for me. - The Jari comes both with a 2x and a 1x setup.
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Top tube snack bungees? Upcoming Fuji Jari gravel bike cleverly packs everything into a fast frame
This Fuji Jari carbon gravel bike update looks like a faster, racier version of their adventure-oriented version introduced in 2019, and adds some clever storage and integration options.
It’s worth looking at the pedigree for a minute: The 2020 model debuted with impressive stats and features, incl...
2 months ago
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My new trusty steed
This is my first proper gravel bike, well, proper bicycle all together. It's a Fuji Jari entry line, complete steel frame, featuring Claris shifters on the cockpit and an Altus+Claris combination for the derailleurs.
Thoughts on Fuji?
I ride a 2021 Fuji Jari and it’s awesome bang for your buck
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Great Gravel Bike For The Price
Bought my bike about a month ago. Already have over 200 miles on it. For the price this is a very solid buy. It doesn’t have hydraulic disc brakes or top of the line mechanical disc brakes, but it rides smooth on all surfaces and stops well. I’ve taken it on gravel, grass fields, and paved roads wit...
1 year ago
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