Evergoods Civic Panel Loader 24

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EVERGOODS Civic Panel Loader CPL24 Review | Pack Hacker
EVERGOODS CPL24 in Detroit. We have been testing the CPL24 around southeast Michigan for two weeks and taken it with us on a four day trip to Toronto, Ontario where the pack was up against extremely variable weather.
2 months ago
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Just like their other packs, the harness shines when it’s high and tight. The CPL24 is still the undisputed champ, but it’s a lot of bag to carry when I just need some tech stuff, some daily stuff, water, coffee, and lunch. I have been looking for a bag for commutes that I could carry a laptop in if necessary, but that doesn’t devote a massive amount of space and material to the laptop. I’ve tried a Rucker 3.0 and Tom Bihn Synapse 19, but neither really hit the nail on the head.
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My water bottle actually goes into the main compartment next to my sneakers. The front top pocket is also excellent - I leave some masks and a Tom BIHN ‘handy little thing’ small size to keep my electronic cords, chargers etc. I leave the handy little thing unzipped and can access it very quickly through the CTB. This is an excellent addition to their bag lineup.
How much do you value the *feel* of a bag? An open letter to the Aer Travel Pack 2
I think I can relate... My CPL24 is a good bag in general, but it does have a bit of a "travel case" vibe haha. Compared to the canvas (poly/cotton) material of my Osprey Arcane Large Daypack , the CPL feels plasticky, and compared to my unstructured BOGear Bullpup it feels like hard-sided luggage. And the black/black minimalist look does lack a bit of personality (even though that's exactly what I wanted). Though I think if you spend enough time travelling with it, it'll start to feel like home :).
Looking for alternatives to the CPL 24 that have an organized side access storage space and an external water bottle pocket.
The Black Ember Forge and Mystery Ranch Expandable are two examples, but they lack integrated external water bottle pockets.
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I carry a good bit of stuff, so I think 24L is probably the minimum I need, as some days I may want to throw a jacket in the bag as well. So far, I like the evergoods CPL 24 and black ember shadow 26. It’s tough to buy a bag only seeing it online and never handling it in person though. Do you all have any other recommendations for me to look into?
EVERGOODS CPL24 Review - The Perfect Pack
Clean lines inside and out. The CPL24 has a full clam shell opening, which is almost always better than the alternatives on a pack like this.
2 months ago
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Talk Me “Out of” or “Into” a CPL24
I never liked the clamshell zips on the CPL24. It had really weird angles that kept getting the zipper stuck at certain places. The GR1 zips more fluidly. I ended up selling the CPL24.
Noticeable Weight Difference btwn CPL24 v1 & v2??
I would say Evergoods had it right the first time with the CPL24. Felt light when empty, carried nicely under heavy loads and looked ok when less full. Also the V1 felt like it held more than the V2. If you’ve got a CHZ22 already then the V1 CPL will complement it well, but only if you need to carry a laptop all the time, otherwise stick with the CHZ.
Aer City X-Pac, Black Ember Shadow or Forge Max, CPL24V2?? Can't decide
And with the front pocket being side access, and a big pocket in the main compartment being side access as well, you can lay the bag down and easily get everything you need. The clamshell opening is further to the front for the main compartment (alternative to the shadow) so when open it is more like a bucket and your stuff doesn’t slide out when it’s laying down. I would say the CPL24 makes a great all arounder. Very comfortable, plenty of room, looks nice.
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