Evergoods Civic Half Zip 22L

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  • Great for everyday use
  • Comfortable harness system
  • Minimalist design
  • Durable materials
  • Fits a laptop up to 15 inches


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EVERGOODS Civic Half Zip 22L (CHZ22) Review | Pack Hacker
..EVERGOODS Civic Half Zip 22 With Laptop In Laptop Sleeve
5 months ago
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* CHZ22 stands on its own and is accessible. * The GR1 required me to lean the bag against a wall and/or my desk, also 1/2 unzipping was not conducive. * Wears like my 10/15L bullet, stores my GR1 21L office setup well, would flex up to a minimal travel bag (26L GR1). * Essentially a day bag, office bag, travel bag mixed into one.
I looked at a variety of bags but kept coming back to the Evergoods, for various reasons. I just need a nice quick access pocket for like my earbuds, mask, and a couple things, that's easy to access, so the one the CHZ has is perfect. The couple inside pockets do give it just a little bit more organization.
Ultimate Evergoods EDC pack?
I have the CHZ22 and find that it has so much space left over over on my day to day carrying laptop, lunch, book, electronics pouch, glasses. Love my bag so much, but in my use case i think it'd be kinda cool if they made a CHZ18 or a new line altogether!
Looking for the opinions of people who prefer the chz22 over any other evergoods bag
Love the exterior bottle pockets and will never be without them in any future bag. I lost my old laptop to a thermos spill inside a messenger bag I had at the time. The CHZ22 has grown on my a lot since I first got it, and in it's simplicity it reminds me of the last backpack I had that felt this versatile: the red jansport with one main pocket and one front pocket that I used all through elementary school. In some ways it feels like the elevated version of that.
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EVERGOODS Civic Half Zip 22 (CHZ22) Review
It still holds up to the reputation of well-designed backpacks that Evergoods has in terms of quality and comfort.Utility: 3 of 5 — The CHZ22 is a fairly basic backpack. Evergoods doesn’t focus on making crazy innovations or unique features to their backpacks
My first ever Evergoods bag, CHZ26! It's for EDC and travel. Probably MHP3.5 (in the same color) will join soon 👀
I sold my CHZ22 because I wanted another external zipped pocket, but damn does this make me want to pick up the CHZ26 instead. I am interested in seeing if EG replaces the back panel of the new CHZ/CPL models with the PLC's. Great looking bag!
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Able Carry vs Evergoods
The able carry fits everything right to its max with little room left. The chz22 on the other hand has room to spare for a padded jacket or random small packages to the post office or quick groceries i may bring home.
What’s your favorite EDC bag? Need suggestions.
I love my Evergoods CHZ22. It's perfect for my EDC. I typically carry a 30oz Hydro flask and a 20oz coffee mug so I love having two built-in water bottle pockets that are esthetically pleasing. 22L is a great size for me.
Trip Report: 3 Weeks in Croatia with a 24L Backpack
I have a few evergoods bags (not this one) but the CHZ22 cuts into my lower back and I found the MPL30 very awkward and heavy. I was thinking about going with the CPL24, but I find that one-bagging I much prefer a normal backpack that I can easily grab things out of (camera, jacket, etc...) instead of having to take off the pack and lay it flat to open the clamshell.
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18 x 11 x 8 inches


2 lbs. 3 oz.


15 inches


22 liters