Emisar D4SV2

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  • Made for the professional
  • Durable and reliable
  • Brightness is perfect for the size of the flashlight
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • An on/off switch that can be used to turn off the light when not in use


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Pocket cannon!
I wasn’t sure about the D4SV2 because I prefer pocketable flashlights and wear shorts year-round. Once I got one, I realized I like the D4SV2 more than it’s smaller version (d4v2). The form factor just seems more substantial and ergonomically comfortable. With the W2 emitters, the thing really is a ...
J.Hang on Jul 16
53 years ago
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Lights I have thaught about:. Emisar D4SV2 (No integrated charging).
I own an Emisar D4SV2 and I love the power and quality, but it is too bulky for EDC. I currently use the Lumintop tool 2.0 with a 14500 battery as my EDC and I love the compact size. However I would love an 18650 as a powerful EDC. So i'm looking for the ultimate 18650 and in my search the SC64W comes up all the time.
[NLD] u/brokenrecordbot whyamibroke
Emisar D4SV2 W2. Looking forward to taking these out in the open once my ankle heals. My initial thoughts are that the build quality on these is excellent. Hank was courteous and great to deal with via email.
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Emisar D4v2 Manual (Anduril 1)
When I first got my hands on the Emisar D4v2,
I had no idea how to use it. The Anduril UI diagram was hard for me to understand as well: what were all these dotted
lines and arrows?
The colored LED lights would never turn off, and mashing the button with various sequences
taught me very little a...
4 months ago
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What was your favorite / nicest / coolest / awesome /whatever flashlight of 2021
Emisar D4SV2 2-channel, with Osram W1's for throw, Samsung LH351D's for flood, and a 26800 battery tube for great ergonomics and battery life.
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Emisar D4SV2 (With Channel Switching)
As for the D4SV2 itself, I am a bigger fan than I thought I would be. It is quite a chonk, but it feels great in your hand. It’s very solid, and very nice
4 months ago
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This sub has changed me
Truly a game changer. I started browsing the sub more often and ordered the D4SV2, it arrived in the mail today and I completely forgot about getting batteries for it, so I’ll have to wait on testing it out. But the build quality and finish is great.
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Hot take: I don't like using the D4V2
It's really good for extended periods outdoors when I'm not expecting to be in that situation. The Emisar D4SV2.
Awesome flashlight !!!
Amazing flashlight !!! Im am so suprise with the quality and performance . Told all of my partners about it. And they too are now customers of Mr . Jackson Lee . Hard to explain the capabilities but you definitely wont be disapointed . Thank you so much Jackson .
Brodie Crawford on Jul 15
53 years ago
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