Emisar D4S

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  • Made for the professional
  • Brightest flashlight on the market
  • Durable and reliable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Best for law enforcement, military, and security personnel


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Emisar D4 Review – UPDATED 2022 – Lumens, Battery Life & More!
Comparative Summary The D4S has too many features which makes it unnecessarily complicated and also too difficult to use. The Emisar D4 is cruder, convenient and way easier to understand. Too many features are one of the downfalls of the D4S
4 months ago
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I just had a amazing experience...
I was approaching a little unlit alleyway that I usually walk through for a shortcut, and when I turboed it with my Emisar D4S I saw a lady crawling around on the floor. I called out to ask if she was alright, but it turned out she was looking for some items she had dropped out of her handbag. As soon as I lit the alley up, she was able to find everything. Lumen Man to the rescue, I guess!.
Emisar D4 – The Quad Wonder Review
No signs of water intrusion in the head, switch or body was seen. Lockout Capability. Both mechanical & electronic lockout is possible for this light when needed, like during transportation in a bag/pocket
4 months ago
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Emisar D4SV2 review - Midsize 26650 pocket rocket with balanced beam and excellent performance!
The beam pattern is excellent. The the quality is always um, superb on this emissary and octagonal flashlight. So definitely i cannot criticize this flashlight in any direction
Flashlight Enthusiast
4 months ago
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Can someone suggest a “final flashlight” so I can break my addiction of researching and buying new flashlights?
Fits all your requirements. Looks great in clear ano and you can get it in 4000k or even with 4500k 219b. I have the original e07 and it is really sweet. Other great lights in my collection.. By Sc64w Hi.. Emisar D4S 4000k xplhi.
Emisar D4Sv2 (OSRAM W2) Flashlight Review (Green)!
So, as far as the additional battery options here that are included in this light can be purchased separately. Just want to make that clear. Now the battery that are included in this review here are sold separately, including the tube here and this battery
Charles BridgTec
4 months ago
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Assembled Product Weight

0.97 lb

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

2.91 x 8.15 x 3.15 Inches