Dell P3222QE

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  • Great for presentations
  • Good color accuracy
  • Large screen size
  • USB 3.0 hub and DisplayPort output
  • No speakers or headphone jack


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Solid but not Amazin
I’m primarily a software developer and spend 4-8 hours per day looking at the monitor. If I had to summarize it, I’d say it’s a great value for increased screen real estate. The max brightness is pretty low, and I wouldn’t choose this for design work where color accuracy matters. But for fitting mor...
Garrett Dimon
1 year ago
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Awesome Monitor
I bought this to replace my old Dell U3417W when it wnet out. Musch better monitor Super Clear.
21 days ago
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Exactly What I Was Looking For And More
Was looking for a high quality monitor for my at-home office and this certainly delivered!
John F.
5 months ago
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Good for productivity, but not great
When a brand proudly adds the words “USB-C Hub” to its monitor’s name, we expect some nifty USB-C hub functionality in there, like a built-in KVM perhaps. But, either the Dell has forgotten to add an upstream port in the Dell P3222QE USB-C Hub, or the company just hoped no one woul...
53 years ago
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Extremely Happy with this Monitor
Using this monitor for 2 weeks now and have to say, this monitor exceeds my expectations. Setup was a breeze; the on-screen display is easy to navigate. Hooked up a Minisforum Mini PC via Display Port running 4k/60hz resolution, and the picture quality and calibration looks stunning. Love the possib...
S+S Florida
1 year ago
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very nice
nice screen, great cable management system - like most screens now requires a separate cam and speakers - would have been nice if it had come with those built in.
3 months ago
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Dell P3222QE Review – Professional 32-inch 4K Docking Monitor
Check Latest Price on AmazonThe Dell P3222QE is a premium business display with a spacious 4K screen and plenty of features to suit your needs for productivity. It’s labeled as a docking monitor, meaning it has a multitude of connectivity ports like USB-C for your modern devices. However, it’s quite...
Dell 32 4K USB-C Hub Monitor (P3222QE) Review
The Dell 32 4K USB-C Hub Monitor (P3222QE) has UHD resolution and the largest screen of any of the so-called USB-hub or docking-station displays that we have reviewed to date. Productivity monitors like this $899.99 model include a USB Type-C port feeding an Ethernet jack and multiple downstrea...
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Dell P3222QE for office work?
P3222QE. The quality of the build is excellent. The features to tilt, move up and down and all the ports is just awesome. The brightness of 350 nits truly serves the purpose to give detail and clarity in every way.
Excellent customer service! Also a good monitor
I originally purchased a P3222QE to replace my old LG monitor. The seller (HBT Electronics) sent it to me via Fedex and as soon as I opened the package I saw a huge crack across the whole screen! For some reason, Amazon would not let me file for a direct replacement, so I filed for a refund. A repre...
Analee Wong
1 year ago
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