Gigabyte M28U

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  • No dead or stuck pixels
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Gigabyte Support, or lack of any live or online support is the problem
I really don't like to leave a negative review for this monitor however people do need to know that no matter how inexpensive this monitor is and how good the quality and the features, if you do need technical support from Gigabyte you can only get it through their esupport site using an online form...
2 years ago
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The 6 Best 4k Monitors - Spring 2022
It's an excellent gaming monitor with two HDMI 2.1 ports for next-gen console gaming, and it has an outstanding response time, resulting in crystal-clear motion with almost no noticeable blur behind fast-moving objects. It has a great selection of additional gaming features, including a backlight strobing feature, commonly known as black frame insertion, and support for FreeSync variable refresh rate technology
6 months ago
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[HUB] Best Gaming Monitors of 2021: 1440p, 4K, Ultrawide, 1080p, HDR and Budget Choices
|1080p|High Refresh Rate, IPS|Best Performance: BenQ XL2546K, Good Value: TUF VG279QM (27") or VG259QM (25", better value), Best Value: AOC 24G2|. |4K|~27", 144 Hz|Best Value: Gigabyte M28U, Alternative: Samsung Odyssey G7 (VA, Curved)|. |4K|32"+|Value: Gigabyte M32U or MSI MPG321UR-QD. Other: LG C1 OLED, Asus PG32UQX|.
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After testing testing and testing I have finally found THE ONE
As a software developer who enjoys gaming, YES. This thing is so awesome. I have had such a hard time finding a monitor that checks all of the boxes for me and boy oh boy am I happy to say I have finally found it! I've tried everything from the Samsung G9/G7, LG's UltraGear lineup, ASUS' best gaming...
Rocky Smith
8 months ago
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Gigabyte M28U Review, Awesome Value 4K 144Hz for Gaming
I guess sure it would have been nice to have proper hdr support, but that would have been an insane expectation at this sort of price point now that i've tested the gigabyte m28u. I really don't see a reason to buy a 4k 144hz monitor that doesn't use this 28 inch panel. I mean the m28u is only 600 and it's better than the lg 27g 950
Hardware Unboxed
4 months ago
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[Monitor] Acer Predator XB273K (XB3) - 27" 4k 144hz Refurb | $483.99
It's a fantastic monitor for this price but be aware that you need 2 DP cables to use it in full 144hz mode. I currently have it set to 120hz (single DP) and I don't notice any real difference between my 144hz monitor next to it. Overall I'm very happy with it and figured I'd post this again since it's still on sale for the same price as a month ago. Great for anyone eyeing the M28U/M32U but can't swing the higher price tag.
The 7 Best 144Hz Monitors - Spring 2022
The Gigabyte M28U is the best 144Hz console gaming monitor we've tested. It's an excellent gaming monitor, with an excellent response time at the max refresh rate and when gaming at 120Hz, resulting in crystal-clear motion with almost no blur behind fast-moving objects.
5 months ago
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Good value gaming monitor
The M27Q is performing very well as a 170 Hz QHD IPS gaming monitor (FreeSync). I think it's a good value for the price ($330) as of late-2020. The image quality is fine once properly configured and better than you would probably expect at this price. The built-in KVM is a nice bonus, but only pract...
2 years ago
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Fantastic mid-range 1440p ips gaming monitor(M27Q}!
This is a great monitor for it's price category. The image quality is fantastic. I have no dead or stuck pixels on my unit. The BGR subpixel layout doesn't effect the text in browsers for me(I was worried before the purchase). The backlight bleed you see in my picture looks not anything close to wha...
2 years ago
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KVM switch is amazing for quality of life, but low quality brings down the M27Q
This is a review for the M27Q, not the entire list of monitors on the Amazon product page. On paper, the Gigabyte M27Q rivals the top 1440p 27" gaming monitors while being about $100 less in MSRP. I previously owned one of these high end monitors, the Dell S2721DGF, which I had to return because it ...
1 year ago
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