Convoy T2

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  • Made for military use
  • Durable and reliable
  • Bright light for a long time
  • Easy to carry around in the pocket or bag
  • Comes with a lanyard, which is useful when you need to hold it up high


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[NLD] Convoy T2 219b 3K - Been wanting to get this light and finally did and I gotta say I’m impressed!
Finally got my Convoy T2 in SW30 and I gotta say I’m impressed! I’m a big fan of Anduril and love having all the options and being able to configure things and what not, but I’m also a huge fan of things that are simple and work well and I really like this light. I like the beam profile very usable light and good hotspot and the tint for indoors is the tits!
Fantastic as is and can be modded
I have the Nichia version, purchased here. This is a great little little light. Compared to an S2+ with 18350 tube, this light is about 2/3 the diameter and a little over a quarter inch longer. I'd say it's much more comfortable to pocket carry. The stainless steel clip sold here is a great upgrade ...
James C on Jul 31
53 years ago
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AA Light Comparison
The Convoy T2 is great, and has some great emitter options as has been mentioned. Although not everyone loves mode memory on its ui, keep an eye out for the T3 with 12 group ui to remedy that.
Flashlight Review: Convoy T2 - Light Painting Blog
As far as AA flashlights go, the Convoy T2 is good value for money.
4 months ago
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AA Light Comparison
I was gonna suggest the Convoy T2 also. I have a Tool AA UV and now a T2 with 219b 4500k. The Tool is a great size and I wanted one with white LED, but they don’t have high CRI options and the T2 with 219b came out. The T2 is a little too big for a AA, but it’s still decent.
Miscellaneous Compact Tailswitch Lights Size Comparison
The convoy t2 is smaller than i thought, hmm interesting.
What's everyone's favorite cheap AA/AAA flashlight to have in bulk?
Convoy T2 or T3, no PWM and great mode selections on the latest driver. For AAA, the Tool is the goto. Easy to change the emitter, pretty good on batteries but the clip sucks. Adding a Preon clip adds bucks but takes the little light to a level of EDC useful.
Convoy T2 torch
This is the convoy t2 that won't work just taking off the switch end, as you can see, it's quite clear, nothing wrong with that. Just taking off the bulb end, that's nice and clear: that's the tube, which is nice and clear.
Jaimee Woodhouse
4 months ago
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NITECORE MT1A – Yes or No?
* Its lowest mode is 5 lumens, which is *extremely* high for a lights lowest mode these days.You can get lights that can do 0.01 lumens. If you are ok with 5 lumens much, then there are other options that will probably be vastly better, like the Convoy T2 (amazing emitter, also cheaper) or Sofirn SP10v3 (very good emitter, cheaper). I'd recommend the Zebralight SC53w, which can go as low as 0.013 lumens up to 330 lm. Also consider the Manker E05 or Thrunite T10 II, both of which can do 1 lumen or less from a AA.
My first purchase, I'm torn between the two.
I’d say Convoy T2 with a high CRI emitter or Lumintop Tool AA. But between those two and without knowing exactly what you’re looking for, I’d probably go with the Olight just because I don’t like keychain lights. Honestly though, you’re fretting over nothing.


Maximum Beam Distance

1115 Feet

Impact Resistance

3.2 Feet



Output / Runtime Turbo

900 Lumens / 1 Hours 40 Minutes