Convoy M21B

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  • Made for tactical use
  • Durable and reliable
  • Bright light with a long battery life
  • Easy to use interface
  • Comes in different colors


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Convoy MK Switch Kit for M21A M21B M21C M26C L21A S12 S16 Silver Flashlight Accessories Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
Share to: Do you want to bulk buy Convoy MK Switch Kit for M21A M21B M21C M26C L21A S12 S16 ? Please submit your wholesale Convoy MK Switch Kit for M21A M21B M21C M26C L21A S12 S16 inquiry below. Please note we usually don’t offer free shipping on wholesale Convoy MK Switch Kit for M21A M21B M21C M26C L21A S12 S16 orders, but the wholesale price will be a big bargain.
4 months ago
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Convoy M21B GT-FC40 review
1%-/6 lm-/- m-/- Size, pictures & build quality The M21B feels really nice, the 21700 tube makes it just thick enough to fill your hand, but can easily be slid into a pocket without any problem (well, maybe not the front pockets of trousers, but about anything else is ok). The light is overall really well-made, it isn’t clear if the anodization is type II or III, but in all my other Convoys it held up pretty well.
4 months ago
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NOCTIGON DM11 - Nichia B35AM 5000K: Size Comparison, Beamshot, AUX, Clips, Knurling, Output + Runtime
Don’t really like that knurling, and the output is rather disappointing, lower max output and sustained than the Convoy M21B with the GT-FC40.
Convoy M21B SST40 review - Pros and Cons (2022)
2019 Luminus SST40 LED 2300 lm output 40000 cd intensity 1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery
The Convoy M21B SST40 (M21BS) released in 2019. It uses Luminus SST40 LED, SMO reflector and 1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 2300 lm output, 40000 cd intensity, and a ...
4 months ago
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What underrated flashlight should all of r/flashlight know about?
Convoy M21B, it's by no mean unknown here, but I don't think it gets recommend enough
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SOTC (State of the Carry): I'm not afraid of the dark, I swear!
* Lumintop FW3B (SST20 4000K), 18350 short tube, Keepower IMR18350. * Thrunite TH10 V2 (XHP35 HI 6000K), stock battery. * Manker E02 II (SST20 4000K), Eneloop AAA. * Convoy M21B (GT-FC40 3000K), Wurkkos 20350 short tube, custom copper spacer in the head, M2R clip, gorilla-glued Convoy tail magnet, Keepower IMR18350.
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[Help Me] I need a flashlight for sewer investigation and enclosed spaces.
If CRI isn't that important to you somthing with an SFT40 sounds like it would be a good choice. If you want something a tiny bit bigger than the FC11 you could just get a FC12. A Convoy M21B SFT40 would give you plenty of throw and be plenty bright, it is still small enough for cargo pants, but it is a bit bigger.
NLD M21B GT-FC40 4000K & S21A SW35, reviews coming soon!
There’s just something about the m21b host that I just love. If this came in the s2+/c8+ assortment of colors, it’d be hard for me not to order a bunch. It’s just this perfect middle ground size of fitting a 21700, a big enough reflector to provide good throw, and yet still be well-balanced in hand.
NLD gt-fc40 M21b
The m21b is a perfect host for it giving a very useful beam with beautiful tint and high cri. Being 21700 means 5000mah and far from being too big to carry easily. Now I really want the L6 with this emitter so I can have a super high capacity wall of light.
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Convoy M21B Black SST40-5000K Glare Search Flashlights Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
Share to: Main Features:• 100% brand new LED flashlight torch• Made of aluminum alloy, so durable• The internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent• Suitable for outdoor sports lovers to do some outdoor activities, such as hunting, cy...
4 months ago
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