Convoy C8+

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  • Great for the price
  • Bright light
  • Good quality
  • Works as intended
  • Nice feel in your hand


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Bang for buck
Wanted a inexpensive 18650 flashlight that is a hole shooter . Very good quality , everything works as intended .Bright , tight beam , nice feel in your hand . Good value for the price. Read the flashaholic's reviews for more information.
P L.
9 months ago
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(NLD) couple of weeks ago I didn't care about flashlights. I discovered this sub and this is my first purchase. Zl H600w IV. Pls help
It'll do what you need, when you need it, and do it well. But you'll also want to pick up a few more specialized lights. Throwers are awesome, and you can get them in various colors too, because lightsabers. The Noctigon K1 is god tier for this, but if you want to experiment with the different color options, the convoy c8+ is a MUCH cheaper way to do this.
I bought my first flashlight this month. This is what I have at the end of the month.
Those Skilhunts are intriguing. The red anodizing looks gorgeous
Also Convoy C8+ orange, the best flavour!
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Convoy C8+ SST40 review - Pros and Cons (2022)
2019 Luminus SST40 LED 2000 lm output 75625 cd intensity 1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery
The Convoy C8+ SST40 (C8PLUSSST40) released in 2019. It uses Luminus SST40 LED, SMO reflector and 1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 2000 lm output, 75625 cd intensity, a...
4 months ago
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I don’t know what to choose, other than color. Help
It’s for a Convoy C8+. My first “real” flashlight!
Convoy C8+ review | Budget thrower flashlight on a budget | 1Lumen Reviews
The following numbers apply for the lux readings at 10meters. Measured with a UNI – T UT383BT Digital Illuminance Meter Throw measured at 10 meters: 83900 cd (598 meters) Convoy 4X18AMagicshine MTL40Nightwatch SBT90Astrolux FT03Convoy C8 plus Overall conclusion of the Convoy C8+ Pros: Great sizeAffordable priceVery useful UIGood specs for the money Cons No sideswitch.Not very useful indoors
4 months ago
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What are some fun yet practical lights?
Can’t go wrong with a convoy c8+ with cslnm1, either, also around $22. It’s a pencil beam thrower, but for $22, it’s really fun. The kr1 w2 is also fun, since it has great throw and can fit in your pocket.
Very bright
Works great
Hugh Bourns
5 months ago
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Best Budget Flashlight?? - Desert Tan Convoy C8+ Cree XPL HI
So you can get a really sturdy grip on it and it won't slip out of your hand, even if you are a little bit wet overall, the quality seems to be really good and it's made out of aluminum alloy, so convoy have been really popular among flashlight Mothers and it's also been popular because it's that cheap and affordable high quality flashlight - and you can also change out all of the parts change all these drivers and yeah other body structure on these lights. So they are really easy to upgrade and if something were to go bad, we can swap them out for a new part.
4 months ago
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Love my new KR1 (more than my new KR4). Now, what’s next?
Convoy C8/C8+ will give you a decent step up in throwiness without the head getting too big. I have one with an sst-20 4k, and it is great. I enjoy the high cri even in a thrower, particularly where it still has a useful spill for general use like the KR1 and C8 do.






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