Convoy 4X18A

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  • Great for the price
  • Bright and clear lens
  • Good beam distance
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use and carry


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Amazing value for an amazing light!
So I'm a bit of a flashlight buff and have been "collecting" for a few years now. Without going too deep into brand comparisons, just know this: Convoy is producing some of the best value lights out there for your money. That is no way implies cheap or less than. They are right up there at the foref...
1 year ago
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Convoy MK 4X18A SBT90.2 Black Tactical Flashlights Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
Share to: Do you want to bulk buy Convoy MK 4X18A SBT90.2 ? Please submit your wholesale Convoy MK 4X18A SBT90.2 inquiry below. Please note we usually don’t offer free shipping on wholesale Convoy MK 4X18A SBT90.2 orders, but the wholesale price will be a big bargain.
4 months ago
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Recently been having a bear stroll through my property, so I wanted a good bright flashlight for when I walk my pup at night. After getting opinions from coworkers, I decided to buy this M2. Got it barely used for 200.00, and I’m just curious if you guys think I overpaid?
I'm not a huge fan of Olight, but for $200 you got a pretty solid deal. For roughly the same budget, you could have gotten two separate lights and matched the specs, with some combo like the convoy 4x18a and emisar d18.
On Point Excellent Flashlight
I have numerous lights containing the SBT90.2, Acebeam K30-GT, Imalent RT90, Wurkkos TS30S, Thrunite TN42V2 and the Convoy 4X18A. The Convoy stands out, for its lens clarity, beam and brightness. The Thrunite beats it in distance. The Convoy fit and finish beats lights twice its price. For $85.00 yo...
1 year ago
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I think it's time that I got a big fatty emitter. Should I get a Convoy S11 GT FC40, or spend three times that for a 4X18A SBT90.2?
4X18A 100%
My solution is just to buy both though, lol. Just reviewed the S11 and I'm getting the 4X18A next I think.
Convoy 4x18A lives up to /u/practical_fizzy's hype!
I bought the Convoy 4x18A purely based on /u/actual_gravely's excitement for it, and I have to say, it totally lives up to his descriptions! It's a beast of a light, super bright, handles turbo well, has a built-in USB-C charger, nice heft... all in all, a heck of a light. Thank you, /u/factual_fizzy, for recommending it.
They all have excellent runtime as well. The 4x18a is pretty throwy to use up close, but with 14000mah it deserves a decent ranking. I highly value that versatility (and battery life) and would trust these lights on a dangerous overnight trip, eliminating any fear of the dark and illuminating the path far ahead.
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Where to from Hank??
I'd put the Convoy 4x18A sbt90.2 ahead of the K1 sbt90.2, just because the convoy has much better battery life. There's a lot Convoy makes that I'd consider better options than stuff from Hank, actually. Convoy's are so much easier to hand to anyone and they'll understand the UI in seconds. I do gift Anduril lights to people because I want to spread a basic understanding of good flashlight UI so people stop putting up with shitty ones.
Amazing flashlight for under $100. Best bang for your buck for 2021 in my opinion. Very Pleased.
Shopped around for a flashlight equipped with the SBT90.2 LED from Iridium and this light is the one I settled on after a two week search. Very pleased with the beam output of the single LED flashlight, actually it is quite amazing. I was first researching flashlights equipped with the Cree70.2 LED ...
J. Cole
9 months ago
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Are throwers practical or just fun?
Something with a decent sized hotspot is pretty practical though. My Convoy 4X18A SBT90.2 is super practical. It throws really far but it's got a decent sized hotspot and very bright spill too.
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