Cetaphil Moisturizer

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  • Great for dry skin
  • Moisturizing and hydrating
  • Lightweight but not greasy
  • A good option for those with acne or rosacea
  • Good value


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[selfie] cleaned up my diet and started a basic skincare routine!
- Cetaphil 30spf moisturizer religiously and never leave the house without it on. - Cutting out sugar played a huge role in getting rid of the random pimples I’d get from time to time. - Intermittent fasting has been great for weight control and I feel like it’s played a role in clearing up my skin too!.
Love it
Great price & size. Use it as an all over moisturizer and only need a small amount. I can’t use it on my face though as it gives me whiteheads and I have a T complexion. Despite what the say as it being non comedogenic
7 months ago
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[B&A] December of last year vs. now! Happiest I’ve ever been with my skin! Routine in captions.
(AM) Cetaphil Oil Absorbing Moisturizer. (PM) Epiduo Forte. No need for me to exfoliate really anymore, on Sundays I now shower, wait for my fingers to get wrinkly, and just use my usual face wash. It’s super gentle which is what I need now!. It took about 6 months to start seeing real results.
Great for eczema
My daughter has eczema and if applied daily does tend to keep it at bay most of the year, in the winter I will need to switch to their more moisturizing line. You do need to use it at least once a day though, more often if needed.
Christa Coulon
9 months ago
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[Before&After] Progress Dec '20 to August '21
PM: Garnier micellar water to remove spf/make up, Differin BP wash, tret 0.1% every other night, Cetaphil daily moisturizer. Lips (soo dry): Cetaphil eye cream with HA, then aquaphor. I also take spironolactone 150mg daily... 2020 was a miserable year for me, as it was for a lot of people...
My Go To Moisturizer
Honestly, if youre looking at this review, youre wondering if it's any good. It is. My skin is sensitive to moisturizers. This is light and hydrating. Gives you a great healthy glow. Been using it for years.
8 months ago
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[shelfie] Finally found a good routine I can stick to with affordable products ! Acne prone, dehydrated, sensitive combo skin. (Routine in comments)
- Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 50 (I love it!!! I tried multiple other SPF that felt greasy and they sat weirdly on my skin + looked pretty bad under makeup. This one is perfect for me because it doesn't make my combo skin feel more oily, but it's not drying either and goes well with the COSRX products.
My skin is flaking off even tho I’m using my moisturizer 2x a day! Moisturizer recs?
However, I use Cetaphil Moisturizer and it’s helped a lot. I’ve used it for about two weeks and I can see a big change.
Combination skin, constant mask wearer, hormonal skin changes
I have to wear a mask everyday at work so my skin has changed its normal skin type. If you're like me and you have normally oily skin and then combination skin everywhere else T-Zone being specific oily. And your skin is now changed to be slightly dry and or still oily and then doesn't seem to get i...
2 years ago
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Doesn't make me break out!
I have oily acne prone skin. All over. Every lotion I have tried makes me break out, feel sticky, or is too fragrant. This stuff is light, absorbs quickly, and lasts. I use it on my face every night, and on my legs after I shave. It has greatly improved the patchy dryness and strawberry dots on my l...
1 year ago
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