Vanicream Lotion

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  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Light, fragrance free
  • Leaves no wetness anywhere
  • Absorbed quickly
  • Same price as Target and Walmart


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I have some dumb questions about skincare for my body
In the summer this is all I need, but in winter I’ll do a layer of Vanicream lite on top. In the summer if I need more I cut the Vanicream 50/50 with aloe and it dries down quickly without being tacky. In the throes of winter I might add a few drops of rose hip oil to the vanicream as needed.
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So glad I tried this!!!
I use this on my face both morning and night. It is light, frangrance free and great for sensitive skin. I am 30 years old now and a couple years ago was still dealing with acne and tiny little blackheads all over my face. About 2 years ago I decided to try the "less is more" theory. I have been usi...
8 years ago
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People can't stop buying this face and body cream — and experts approve
"I like that it is an effective, non-greasy moisturizing cream that is easy to spread, quickly absorbed and non-comedogenic," King said. "This makes it a great option for both face and body. "The moisturizing cream is not only dermatologist-approved, but it has also amassed over 2,900 five-star reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon
3 months ago
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The Best Thing I Bought This Year Is a One-Pound Tub of Vanicream
From this practical design element to the ultrahydrating formula, Vanicream has exactly what I’m looking for in a body lotion that’s also safe for a developing baby; I found out I was pregnant in September, and I feel good about using Vanicream now — it feels so nice on my expanding belly — and I will postpartum, too. Actually good deals, smart shopping advice, and exclusive discounts. Vox Media, LLC Terms and Privacy Notice
3 months ago
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Great for sensitive skin
Great price for this. It’s about $3.50 cheaper than Walmart and same price as Target. But this gets delivered to your door! This is a must have for sensitive skin. I like the LITE version better than regular as the regular is too thick and is hard to rub in. This is the perfect consistency and doesn...
5 years ago
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[Shelfie] simple but effective!
I just got vanicream lite lotion a couple days ago and it’s SUPERIOR. I find the skin care products that look the ugliest or bland branding tend to be the best products for my skin
nightly skincare routine featuring Vanicream: Vanicream Review, Burts Bees & more
And seriously, if you use this vane cream line, I'm telling you, you're gonna notice such a big difference in your skin. It's just great. It's just great
Maria B
1 month ago
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Love this lotion
Vanicream lite lotion moisturizes and softens your skin without any nasty chemicals or fragrances. It's absorbed quickly, and isn't greasy. People have complained that it's expensive, but the extra cost is worth the benefits you receive. It's better for you and the planet. Plus if you compare the co...
8 years ago
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5⭐️ It works great!
❤️this lotion definitely does the trick! 👉 I wash my hands about 5 times an hour, mostly due to cleaning up after my gramps and kitten, so they are painfully dry! 👉As you can see in the pic I posted, my knuckles take a beating. They are cracked and because my hands are so dry, it’s easier for my k...
4 years ago
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[Shelfie] 30F, looking to update my current not hated but not loved routine!
My tried and true cleanser has been the vanicream (7-9$) cleanser it’s gentle but cleans. I use it as part two of double cleanse which with differin and now tret has been all my skin has needed. If I don’t wear sunscreen the vanicream is enough. The double cleanse with daily sunscreen has helped even out my skin color.




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