Cerave Sa Cream

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  • Great for dry skin
  • Helps with KP
  • Keeps face healthy and wrinkle free
  • One jar lasts a long time
  • Moisturizes


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[Hair Removal] How to avoid this? Pls read picture description
Recently I started using cerave SA smoothing cream. And OMG, my skin has never been smoother. It helps get rid of the dead cell buildup that causes ingrown hair. It has honestly saved my skin.
Cerave SA Smoothing Cream - Review - Ebun & Life
Paula’s Choice Skin Revealing Body Lotion. In Conclusion,.
3 months ago
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[SHELFIE] My skincare routine for my face isn’t interesting enough to post on here, but here is what I use for my body.
I put in on right out of the shower and it hydrates my skin and makes a great base to layer my other products. CeraVe SA Cream: I know, CeraVe...groundbreaking. The consistency is the perfect thickness and it spreads well.
This Budget Salicylic Acid Body Lotion Changed My Skin for the Better
Final Verdict. If you're looking for a body lotion to amp up your body care lineup, look no further. CeraVe's SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin keeps your skin plump, hydrated and looking its best
3 months ago
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make a homie moist and smooth
make a homie moist af and smooth out that young skin
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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Great for KP
Keeps my skin super healthy, very hydrating and really helps with the KP on my legs ! it helps keep the kind on my arms under control as well, I use it after every shower.
2 years ago
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[misc] Went to the dermatologist today and part of what they looked at was my chicken skin (I have it on my arms and legs). Thought I'd share their recommendations for anyone else who has it.
The CeraVe SA Cream sells out fast in my city but I found out Eucerin has an AMAZING dupe for it at Walmart, and for half the price. I've been using the combination your derm recommended for months now and my KP is nearly all gone!. Edit: Sorry everyone asking about the dupe, I wasn't getting notifications for some reason. It's the Eucering Roughness Relief lotion, but in retrospect I find it's a better dupe for Amlactin.
[Review] A year's worth of tested products since joining this subreddit :)
7. **Cerave moisturizing cream** \- 5/10 - Oh the (in)famous cerave in the tub… this was one of my first purchases when I first found this sub about a year ago.
[shelfie] body and face skin care routine
Cheap and effective. Cerave SA renewing cream: I have KP and this really helps.
Improved look and texture of skin in after one tub of product / 1 month.
I found this product really improved both the look and feel of the skin on my thighs/calves. I have attached before and after pictures after going through one tub of the product over 1 month, December 5th through 06Jan. I'm in the midwest and humidity is very low. I haven't had success with exfoliat...
5 years ago
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