Stratia Liquid Gold

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  • Great for oily skin
  • Helps with acne and breakouts
  • Hydrates the skin well
  • A calming product
  • Product is natural and organic


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Stratia Liquid Gold Review - The Dermatology Review
Our Verdict. Overall, we think that Stratia Liquid Gold is formulated well and should help to moisturize and brighten skin, but we wish the brand would reformulate with a different preservative so that the formula would be paraben-free.
3 months ago
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[skin concern] texture i cant seem to get rid of?? more info in comments
By the time I had finished the travel size (~50 days), my my texture was better and my sebaceous filaments were so much less noticeable. For moisture, I use a barrier repair product like Stratia Liquid Gold (which is a lightweight moisturizer) or Great Barrier Relief and then I add FAB ultra repair if my skin is really dry.
I have never loved a moisturizer as much as I love this one. I’ve always struggled with extremely dry skin, nothing would completely hydrate my skin. Within weeks of using this moisturizer my skin has become baby smooth. I’m very acne prone and struggle with cystic acne and this moisturizer is so ge...
3 months ago
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[PSA] The skincare tip I’ve picked up recently that has made the most significant improvement to the appearance of my skin.
I’ve been doing “double moisturizing” for awhile and I’ve found it’s the perfect remedy for retinization. I actually use two different products for this because I find that the different ingredients and different viscosities work synergistically to hydrate, keep the skin emollient/lubricated, improve barrier function and prevent TEWL. After all my serums/gels/treatments I apply a Stratia liquid gold strengthening moisturizer _(Key ingredients: Ceramides, Cholesterol, Fatty acids, Rose hip oil, Panthenol, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Squalane, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate)_ as my “pre-moisturizer because it has a thinner, lotion-like consistency. Then once it sinks in I apply a generous layer of a cheaper moisturizer that’s more viscous &/or occlusive and don’t over-rub it.
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[Anti-Aging] I'm getting married in 1.5 months and I'd like to get rid of this wrinkle? Is there any hope for me???
I absolutely love Stratia Liquid Gold, their Fortify oil, and their Velvet Cleansing Milk to wash makeup/sunscreen off at night. I use Vaseline on top of it all to slug at night. I started using a hydrating sunscreen (Aveeno hydrate+protect spf 50). Some of my other best loved products were The Ordinary Buffet with copper peptides and The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin.
How Skincare Brand Stratia Went From Reddit Sensation To Striking Liquid Gold Without Funding, Ads Or Sephora
Each Stratia bottle is personally manufactured in small batches by the founder, Alli Reed. Stratia
As a former chemistry minor in college, Alli Reed found herself in her late 20s, digging into dermatology journals and periodic studies to get well-versed in the science of skincare. “I didn’t do an...
1 month ago
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[routine help] any products for big pores ?
I've been using Stratia Liquid Gold as my moisturizer for 2 years now. I have acne scars and large pores on my cheeks and it's improved the appearance.
Review: Stratia Liquid Gold | BTY ALY
The bottle is 60ml, so it will last me a while, and I will probably repurchase!. If your skin is very sensitive, or even sensitized, I definitely think that this “SOS” treatment could be really interesting for you!. In conclusion:
1 month ago
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Quickly became one of my skincare favorites!
I loved this product so much! My skin was so irritated and stressed and I noticed a much better complexion within my first week of using it. Feels VERY calming.
Jesmarie H.
3 months ago
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[Shelfie] A Skincare Lover’s Routine 💕
I think it’s the sea buckthorn oil and I’m planning on purchasing the Stratia Liquid Gold instead. **Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment**: I like using this after sunscreen during the day as a light tinted product. It is slightly drying, so it’s best applied to hydrated skin and it provides nice but minimal coverage. Basically it’s a confidence booster, without wearing foundation or a tinted moisturizer and it also provides some sunscreen coverage.


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