Canon EOS 7D

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  • Great for still photography
  • Not the best DSLR for low light shooting
  • Video quality is not the best
  • Been updated with new features
  • Still a great camera


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Canon 7D in 2020
Yes it is still relevant. A camera ahead of its time when it came to market, and the true successor to the 50D (despite Canon's sales machine trying to hoodwink us). The quality of the 7D starts from the outside and works its way through the middle. Image quality, despite being 12 yrs old, is still ...
C. Garrard
2 years ago
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Canon EOS 7D review: Canon EOS 7D
Ultimately, the EOS 7D is a great entry-level pro dSLR debut for Canon.
Lori Grunin
4 months ago
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Canon EOS 6D Still Great For Portraits In 2021. See Amazing Beautiful Images. [ Lense And Exposure Details Added]
At a certain point, image quality is good enough to meet your needs and a new camera will only really improve the convenience features and ergonomics. I still use my 12 year old 7D professionally in the studio for product shoots and it looks fantastic.
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Canon EOS 7D Review
The Canon EOS 7D is one of the best midrange D-SLRs money can buy.
PJ Jacobowitz
4 months ago
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By the time I got home, I hated the 7D. I hated the CF card and the fact that I couldn’t shoot with anything other than natural light.
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APS-C Wonder Child
UPS delivered a new 7D on October 8, 2009, five weeks after I placed an Amazon pre-order. During the last 4.5 years I've gotten to know this groundbreaking DSLR well. With weather seals at the level of the legendary EOS 1N, high performance appointments and contoured magnesium body shell, the 7D is ...
P.K. Frary
9 years ago
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24-70 F2.8 soft at 70mm
When I had one, I found it soft at about 50-55mm. That you’re using it on a crop is a little bit of a red flag, also. EF lenses behave a little differently on EF-S cameras, so it being soft wide open at 70mm on your 7D doesn’t surprise me, exactly. What happens if you shoot something flat and kinda far away, like a brick wall?.
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My second baby: Photographers view
Not that I have a first actual baby, but it is my second 7D body and it doesn't fail to deliver. Many directors and such use the 7D for video recording and it is a great camera for it. But as my area is only really in photography, my review will be regarding it and practical information. The first t...
10 years ago
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Just bought a preowned 7d mk i, any tips, tricks or quirks I should know about the body/setup?
7d doesn't like the shadows being pushed but you can pull the highlights a fair amount so expose accordingly. Use a good cf card. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Og 7d was my first dslr and it was an absolute tank - it'll take whatever you throw at it!.
Body upgrade for wildlife - 90D or 7Dmk2?
I had a 7d2 for a few years, my stepkid has a 90d (I've got an r5 now). The 7d2 body is a bit bigger and feels more robust, the 7d's AF is, as you've read, pretty great.
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