Brown Buffalo Conceal

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Review: The Brown Buffalo ConcealPack Is As Refined in Design As It Is Rugged in Build
With its vertical zipper and beefy integrated lanyard attachment point, we found that it worked great for holding frequently-used items like keys, hand sanitizer, and snacks.
2 months ago
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1733 Ultra200 Rolltop backpack
What bothers me about the price is that there seems to be no ceiling for what people will pay and bag prices are skyrocketing. On the one hand, this is a good thing for small manufacturers as they don't need to reach scale in Vietnam to be profitable. On the other hand, some of the more functional, basic production bags like the Brown Buffalo Conceal are way out of reach (for me) now in terms of price.
Brown Buffalo Conceal Pack - Matterful
Tech looks. Epic innovation.
All Time Fav.
Hardest Core™©
Tight tech daily driver
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Most Epic Basic
Organized. Sturdy
Rugged. Techy.
Dad Bag Epic™
Slimline. Classic.Solid Everyday Tech
William Wallace Commuter
2 months ago
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Aer City X-Pac, Black Ember Shadow or Forge Max, CPL24V2?? Can't decide
I had the Brown Buffalo Conceal and thought it was nice. It has a built in daypack that doubles as organization which I loved.
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looking for my first sling bag, would you recommend the Chrome Industries mini kadet or Aer day sling 2?
Other alternatives would be the greenroom metromonger, defy bags insidious jr. , dsptch sling packs, brown buffalo conceal sling, funk st. Outfitter commuterpak.
Hands On: The Brown Buffalo ConcealPack Backpack Review
In practice, these allow you to instantly ditch the bag in the event of an emergency, rather than struggling to get your arms through the openings. Just unclip the buckles and away the Conceal Pack falls. Douglas Davidson carries quite the reputation within the bag industry, so we had pretty high expectations heading into this review
2 months ago
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Why aren’t hook and loop panel backpacks more popular?
I have an internal hook and loop panel inside by The Brown Buffalo Conceal Backpack V3 and absolutely hate it. It's meant to hold an optional laptop sleeve or organizers, but if you don't use either, it's just a lint magnet that catches on stuff.
Backpack with the durability and toughness of a GORUCK GR1 but a little more comfortable?
Recently got my evergoods CPL24V2 delivered and could not be happier. I'm also a big fan of my Brown Buffalo Conceal pack. Both are very comfortable.
Looking for a GR1 like bag with more organization.
I think the Brown Buffalo conceal is seen as the GR1 alternative with better organization. I have a few other bags u mentioned u didn't like for being too techy such as AER which have much better built in organization and quick access pockets and having this option to choose which bag to use allows me to appreciate the GR1 for what it is. A large clamshell storage with options to customize via tech kits and dopp bags.
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Please help talk me into or out of a CPL 24/28!
Check out the brown buffalo conceal 26, it has two water pockets built in!
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