Brooks Hyperion Tempo

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  • Great for long distance running
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Comfortable fit
  • Secure lacing closure
  • Breathable mesh upper


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Crave Speed? Reach for Brooks’s Hyperion Tempo
Fortunately, the Hyperion Tempo cemented the reason why I’ll always have a soft spot for Brooks.
4 months ago
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Low profile, lightweight, soft, and bouncy is what's needed to be like the Turbo 2. I'd say the Reebok Floatride Energy 3, Reebok Floatride Panthea, Brooks Hyperion Tempo, Skechers Razor 3, and Saucony Freedom 3 are the closest currently. There a bunch of upcoming shoes that will fit well in this spot that have been getting positive reviews as well.
These Shoes are AMAZING!
This is the ultimate running shoe. It combines together all the best features from other running shoes. I put these on for the first time and went out for a "break-in" run. The shoes were so comfortable and light, I ended up running a 5k PR beating my previous time by a whole minute. My recent runni...
Kirk J. Guotana
2 years ago
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Brooks Hyperion Tempo Performance Review » Believe in the Run
Maybe. Shop Brooks. Brooks Hyperion Tempo Conclusion
4 months ago
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Brooks Hyperion Tempo - exactly as described: firm, poppy, solid daily trainer. Almost had a rocker feel to it, and I pleasantly enjoy the midsole. Super light and breathable. Will use it as a tempo day trainer.
The Hyperion Tempos have been remarkable!
I've been blown away by these shoes. Since getting custom orthotic insoles to treat flat feet I've found the running shoe models I loved to be chunky, heavy, unresponsive. I tried these because I like the look and WOW have these been just what I needed. Even with the orthotics in these are lightweig...
Miguel M
1 year ago
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Similarly, I really like the Brooks Hyperion Tempo and wish there was a version with a little more stack for longer runs... heard the Hyperion Max is coming next year and searched for it as well. Surprise, Hibbett Sports has pages for not one but two of them (also pictured). So what's the deal with Hibbett Sports?
Brooks Hyperion Tempo Shoe Review: 100-Mile Rundown
TL;DR. The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is a lightweight, speed-ready shoe ideal for workouts and longer races.
4 months ago
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Brooks Hyperion Tempo Running Shoe TEST & REVIEW | RunnerClick
When it’s time to lace up for a race, popping on the Hyperion Elite offers a first class ticket right to the finish line!Verdict Brooks are great running shoes, but they haven’t crafted very innovative shoes in recent years. They often stick to the things that work and call it a day. The Hyperion Tempo, however, boasts newer shoe innovation that really shines on the road
4 months ago
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Pegasus Turbo 2 v Adidas Adios 6. Can anyone provide a comparison between these 2?
Brooks Hyperion tempo, $150, 7.2oz size men's 9, full n2 Eva, similar feel to freedom 4 but less energy return. Puma Liberate nitro, $110, 7.2oz size men's 9, n2 foam softer than Hyperion tempo. Adidas Adios 6, $120, 8.3oz men's size 9, dual layer midsole heel is firmer and less smooth when slow.


Tech specs

Brooks Hyperion Tempo


8 mm


DNA Flash


Stretch woven mesh