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Brooks Ghost 14

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  • Great for most runners
  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Durable soles
  • Difficult to find shoes for wide feet
  • Brooks Ghost 14 is a good shoe


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Love the Ghost, but the 14 is NOT the same
I only discovered Brooks last year. By way of description, I am an active 49 y/o, I wear a 7.5, average width, medium arch, no foot issues at all but still want a comfortable shoe. I am not now nor will I ever be a runner, but just wanted a comfortable walking shoe for exercise, the gym, theme parks...
1 year ago
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Best Running Shoes for Women of 2022 - GearLab
The Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's is the latest expression of one of our longtime favorites. Runners who love a moderately supportive and stable shoe should look no further because this one is top-shelf. The heel-to-toe transition is super smooth, and the amount of energy you put into this shoe is met w...
9 months ago
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Sliding into place
Nice. I have this cooler in my Ghost, big props to Noctua for bringing it out. Glad to see it is usable in different cases.
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But the high drop and bland midsole soon quenched my interest in these shoes. Since then I never bought another pair of Brooks' shoes again.
Tie box
After waiting all through Covid to get a pair of new Brooks , I was slightly disappointed that the toe box is a little narrower than past - I wear orthotics in my Brooks , and will say this is the first time I feel they are more cramped compared to past Ghosts -this is my 7th edition on these sneake...
1 year ago
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LinusTechTips' Louqe Raw S1 build
Not a fan of the RAW esthetic vs the Ghost, but I was pretty shook to hear Linus say the fit and finish wasn't as good as the Corsair. Isn't that Louqe's thing?
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Brooks Ghost 14 Review | A Conventional Daily Shoe That Sticks To What It Does Best
I think that the ghost does now suffer for the fact that shoe exists and i'd be looking at seeing what brooks does with that phone rather than investing in another ghost yeah. Overall, this is a pretty solid shoe uh, it's a nice, robust kind of um, fairly comfortable, not entirely slow shoe that can do you know a decent job of a few different things, but there are certainly better options out there and i'd expect slightly more from the Ghost line in the future, hopefully with that new phone, so my verdict on the ghost 14 is that it's an old classic reliable shoe. I think if you've tried a ghost shoe before you're, not going to be particularly surprised by the shoe you're going to be happy that it's still got the same sort of feel and the same sort of benefits that you're probably used to getting from that shoe, which A reliability and a nice level of upper comfort, um and, to be honest, you won't be disappointed in it, but i think um there's a lot of good shoes out there at the moment
The Run Testers
4 months ago
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Love Ghost shoes!
I started out in Ghost 10's, then 13's and now just purchased this pair of Ghost 14. They are the best shoe for me! Great arch support, very comfortable and durable soles. I just wish the mesh tops had reinforcement under the toes because my big toe always eventually breaks through the mesh with an ...
1 year ago
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What running shoes do you use?
Brooks Ghost 14
Foot ID recommend them and I was using Ghosts in the past with luck.
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For a little background on myself, I am an Army veteran who ran for 8 years with no real training on HOW to run... in my time out I continued running, but only recently after setting my sights on a Halloween 10k as well as using a Garmin Training plan, have I taken running seriously enough to incorporate an actual training regimen and designating shoes for each training type. The everyday trainer that I have been using is the Brooks Ghost 14 (which I absolutely love!