Beyerdynamic DT770

Beyerdynamic DT770

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  • Great for podcasting
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Good sound quality
  • Loud when played at full volume
  • Not ideal for quiet hours


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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm Review - I like this one better

There is also the added confusion with this that when you also consider ear pad wear because over time as the ear pads wear the foam degrades they become softer more shallow and they also might wear unevenly around their circumference. The sound of the DT 770 is heavily impacted by this pad wear typically that means a decrease in bass and treble volume over time. Now here I can show a measurement of my 250 ohm 770 with old pads notice the channel imbalance caused by uneven pad wear now here is the same unit with brand new pads notice the dip at around 85 hertz is moved back to around 70 hertz with the old pads there's a difference of about 6 db here that is definitely audible and in the treble the spike at eight to nine kilohertz is also about 6 db down with the old pads this means that it is even more uncertain how any particular unit of dt 770 pro sounds based on when it was manufactured unit variants and pad wear and that's not good for sure but that also depends on your use case for this headphone this is not a headphone designed for critical listening and as a general purpose monitoring headphone the sound signature might not be all that important if you're looking for a tough and durable general purpose headphone for tv movies and video games which is my primary use case for this headphone this again isn't that much of an issue however for musical enjoyment from a consumer perspective this is problematic if you're looking for a closeback for musical enjoyment you might have to try a few units to find one that has a sound signature that you like or you might need to be more comfortable with eq i've always said that the dt 770 pro needs eq for enjoyment of music along with the unit variance issues this is frustrating in terms of recommending these for music consumption if you are looking for a closed back headphone more for music in this price range and you might be better off looking for the akg k371 or the creative orvana live but at least in terms of this particular atm unit i have here i found something that i really enjoy even without eq as an all-in-one package of sound build and comfort these work very very well for me it's entirely possible that i've been lucky with these 770s that i have here but there's just something about this headphone that i really really love as flawed as it is i can live with that but it is a flawed headphone and that's something that you should consider before you make up your mind right that's going to be it then if you like this video then don't forget to leave a like and if you haven't already then please consider subscribing and if you like what i'm doing and you want to support the channel then check the links down in the description i'm on patreon now so join at any tier and get access to the discord or join at the five dollar tier or above and get your name over here alongside these legends and as always thank you so much for watching and until next time have a good one
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Model Name

DT 770 PRO



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Over Ear


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