Betrayal at House on the Hill

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  • Great for parties
  • Easy to learn
  • Endless replay value
  • Scary and suspenseful
  • Fun for all ages


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This is probably one of the funnest games I have ever played. I
This is probably one of the funnest games I have ever played. I play it with my friends and we always have a blast! It never gets old, and it is easy to play. Get stories and so much fun with a group. I highly recommend this!
We played a round of Betrayal at House on the Hill. I passed a saving throw and then got stuck in a web for three rounds. Then I failed three dice rolls. Then the game was over and we lost.
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Hasbro teases Betrayal at House on the Hill: 3rd Edition
The second edition was supposed to help clean up the many, many errors and errata in the first edition. 2016 then brought us the first expansion, Widow’s Walk. However, both the second edition and the expansion still had issues with errors and production issues as well (like the health trackers)
3 months ago
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The perfect thickness
I was originally going to just give Betrayal a five star review and move on, but then Amazon asked me some followup questions. Is it easy to learn? Is it giftable? And thickness? And while anyone else reviewing the game might think "Thickness, WTF?," I'm right there with you Amazon. I want you, Dear...
2 years ago
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Betrayal At House On The Hill Review - The Thoughtful Gamer
Betrayal at House on the Hill, from any level-headed perspective, is a bad game. It’s very old-school in its design, with tons of dice rolling, character stats, and random events. It frequently completely falls apart when it should be getting interesting
Betrayal at House on the Hill: Third Edition review – Horror board game’s greatest and messiest hits
ded, the game still has its fair share of duds. The handful of haunts I experienced firsthand while writing this review were fairly average. None of them have been as miserably simple as the ‘kill these spiders’ kind - though there are a few of those featured in Third Edition - but they’ve not reached the kind of creative heights found in the Widow’s Walk expansion released for Betrayal’s previous edition
3 months ago
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What highly rated games do you simply not understand why they are so well loved?
Betrayal at House on the Hill. You spend most of the game turning over a random tile to take a random action then receive a random card and maybe roll the dice to see if it's time to reveal the randomly chosen victory condition. You're lucky if you get to make a single impactful choice throughout the entire experience.
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Betrayal at House on the Hill - The Malted Meeple
Betrayal at House on the Hill quickly builds suspense and excitement as players explore a haunted mansion of their own design, encountering spirits and frightening omens that foretell their fate. With an estimated one hour playing time, Betrayal at House on the Hill is ideal for parties, family gath...
3 months ago
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My Favorite Board Game is a Disaster and I Don't Care
It’s not a deck builder, 4X, or area control game that requires to have preexisting knowledge of the game. Betrayal is a simple game that welcomes players of every skill level and age (pending thematic content) for a night of pulp horror stories, murder, and a lot of laughs. It’s certainly not the ideal game for everyone, especially those in search of heated competition, but it does allow anyone to join which immediately makes it a winner in my book
3 months ago
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Betrayal at House on the Hill - Shut Up & Sit Down
Build a House of Terror. Tile by Tile.It’s never the same game twice. As one of twelve mysterious characters, you’ll explore a house filled with deadly secrets. As you play, you’ll build the house. But beware! One of your fellow players will betray you. The traitor will test your sanity as you use a...



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