Bellroy Transit Workpack

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  • Great for work
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Stylish design
  • Good organization and easy access to your gear
  • High quality materials


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Bellroy Transit Workpack Review | Pack Hacker
Wrap Up. Bellroy has a strong daypack contender on their hands with the Transit Workpack.
2 months ago
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Cute laptop work bags that are actually functional, fabulous, and sturdy under $1000?
Currently, I am using a Bellroy Transit Workpack- it's minimal looking, and have some decent organization. It's also big enough for me to easily do a 2-3 day trip.
Great Backpack with almost no deficiencies
I really like this backpack. The materials feel high quality and the color is really nice. The main reason I chose it, because it was comfortable when carrying compared to other backpacks I tested. What bothers me a bit, is that the straps are so hard. The pack has a lot of space for a 20l backpack ...
Mr. B.
6 months ago
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*Water bottle space nice but not required. My top choices. Bellroy Transit Workpack. * Top styling choice.
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Bellroy Transit Workpack: Review - The Perfect Pack
What’s Perfect Bellroy’s top notch design and attention to detail is on full display here.A small 20L size bag that is designed around the 15/16″ size laptop? Huge win.Straps are comfortable for commuter use and look clean and stylish
2 months ago
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Exactly what I needed for extensive travel and field work
Absolutely love this backpack. There’s always going to be trade offs though. Because of the durable fabric and extra pockets-the shoulder straps are stiffer and it’s a little heavier than other backpacks I own. That being said-I’ve been issued a handful and personally bought more than a dozen backpa...
9 months ago
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What is your Onebag Downsizing Story?
Now using the bellroy transit (28l) and the bellroy transit workpack (22l). I also traveled with a high coast 18 several times. I can travel with the 22 and the 28l just fine. What makes the difference is that the 28l has much better back support and bigger zipper openings which makes security checks much easier.
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Top 5 | Best Work Backpack I CARRY AWARDS IX
I can see this bag being perfect for the walking commuter who puts a lot of steps in on the way to the office and wants the comfort of their favorite shoes, but still wants to look professional in their presentations!
2 months ago
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Help! Overwhelmed Choosing an EDC Pack.
I recently received my Bellroy transit backpack. At 28L it isn’t too bulky or eye catching. It opens clamshell style for its main compartment, it’s sleek and has a couple of handy dedicated smaller pockets, including a laptop one and two lateral ones.
Good backpack, but could be better
Good backpack with some flaws that led to me selling it. The material is fantastic, the zippers are great, it’s not the most comfortable pack but it’s not bad. My biggest issue is with the webbing material on the backpack straps and the loops for the webbing. The webbing material is slick and the ha...
Nathan H.
2 years ago
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