Bellroy Classic

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  • Great for EDC
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Price is eh maybe wish they used more leather


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Durable, convenient, stylish
I bought this backpack last month and so far it has held up great. It’s extremely durable, and holds quite a lot while staying structured. It’s breathable and light, and water resistant too. The weight gets distributed well. Good amount of pockets and storage and I do utilize all the pockets. Highly...
1 year ago
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Such lovely craftsmanship overall. • It's incredible that the Bellroy can even contain all this, even if it's not exactly the most elegant fit. • The packing list has already been field-tested with multiple weekenders in and out of state, and the bag still miraculously fits under plane seats. • The American Apparel tee has the "Feminism is the radical notion…" quote on it.
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Not Worth the Price
Workmanship (stitching, seams, joins) and materials is less than quality. The way the shoulder straps are stitched into the bag is not even and is lopsided. The stitching overall is crooked and the bag just does not seem expertly made. The materials (limestone colorway) are flimsy and it came really...
3 years ago
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I currently use a Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus to take to work. I do quite like it, it's got enough room for the workday, it has a great silhouette.
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The Classic Is Back...And Better - The Bellroy Classic Backpack V2
But for now this has been the Bellroy Classic Backpack V2. We'll see you next time!
2 months ago
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Topo designs standard pack and Bellroy classic backpack (fails- don’t meet personal item requirements). Goruck bullet 15 (fails- not in stock!). Day owl backpack (over 1kg + comes out to ~$200 with shipping cost to Europe). Mystery ranch in & out (doesn’t meet personal item reqs.
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Simple looking, well-thought out design
I was looking for a simple black work backpack and this fit the bill perfectly. I tried many others and found them either too stiff (i.e., Aer Daypack). Material is soft but back is supportive enough to trust a laptop in. Simple design that allows you to remember where you put all your stuff. Nice w...
2 years ago
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Good quality
Good quality backpack price is eh maybe wish they used more leather but overall good quality. I bought the transit pack before this and returned it I am more satisfied with this product.
8 months ago
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Bellroy Classic v2 - no luggage passthrough, but otherwise seems to tick the boxes. Going back to a messenger - not sure what though.
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Greatest bag I've bought to date!
This thing almost checks off all the boxes for me it's near perfect. I just wish the there was this exact bag that had some of the features of the classic backpack plus without changing the looks or size. Specifically if I had the separate zip laptop compartment & pocket as well as the extra interna...
2 years ago
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