Audeze LCD-X

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  • Great for studio use
  • Sound is very good
  • Design is great
  • LCD 4 is better
  • Audeze headphones are not as good as other brands


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These are the best headphones I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard a lot.
Okay. So. I’m gonna try write the type of review that helped me buy these in the first place. One that helps make distinctions between these and other choices. I don’t know what you’d call me...audiophile, music enthusiast...whatever. I LOVE music; I listen to many genres; I know ENOUGH audiophile t...
4 years ago
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My new setup for 2021. Probably need plants somewhere
Holy shit this looks nice! The only thing I would add is a good tube-headphone amp and a good pair of headphones! Audeze LCD-X would've been a good fit!
Best deal on high-end headphones.
I bought the LCD X creators package used and saved $200. I used the 200 saved to buy the carbon fiber headband that comes with the LCD 4 from Audeze. The only defect on the used is a design flaw on the older Audeze headphones, the adjustment rod marks the leather headband. And the old one is not nea...
4 years ago
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Best Sub $1k Open Back
I think the Audeze LCD-X is it if you can find it close to $1k or used. Especially with EQ it has top tier bass and neutrality.
Keep two headphones or one flagship pair?
Audeze LCD -X & Campfire Audio Andromeda. I have two or three pairs of mid-range ear buds that’ll I’ll use if I’m out and about.
Find myself going back to my 4xx especially with EQ, what’s the next step up?
I also really like the audeze LCD-X. I also think the LCD-1 is a lot better than it's reputation.
Either for Enjoyment or Mix/Mastering, its worth every penny
I have my own bedroom studio and was tired being worried about the best sounding room due to lack of acoustics and monitors. I thought i'll get the headphones that translate the best for me and overall the best tool for the job. I bought many different headphones at the same time and I was thinking ...
4 years ago
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Find myself going back to my 4xx especially with EQ, what’s the next step up?
I was in a similar position to you. I kept eyeballing the Sundara, but wasn't sure it would be enough of a leap for the money. I wound up picking up a second-hand pair of Audeze LCD-X and have not looked back, I absolutely love them.
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pros sounds amazing - now I want more
Something a bit different and also a step up would be the Audeze LCD-X. Planar headphones that everything sounds good on. Super detailed and neutral, responds well to eq if you want to bump up the bass or high end. Planers are really great for faster music because it's so clear on each individual note where usually it would blend together a bit more and really amazing reproduction of the low end without anything sounding muddy.
Are u considering it? Just buy it! Its worth it!
These are not on the same level you'd hear from the Bose, the Dres, the Astros... those are mid consumer stuff... These, are the big guns! These are on another level! Ive put these headphones on to everyone i could: co-workers, friends and families... they all agree that the sound coming out of thes...
Bryan Arriesgado
4 years ago
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