Alienware x17

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  • Keyboard is not great out of the box


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The New Razer Blade
Can it be used for prolonged sessions when playing graphics intensive games on high settings (like Titanfall)?I have an Alienware M17x and that sucker will burn you if you have it on your lap.Beyond that, it is prone to overheating when placed on a flat surface and I had to usually put some sort of spacer underneath to give it better airflow.
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The 1080p g-sync is so dumb, 1080p on 17.3 inch only has 127 ppi of pixel density, and you are going to constantly notice the pixels, and 3080 mobile is practically a waste on 1080p seriously you can have the same performance on a 2080 super mobile. So now if I want QHD, I have to go with the x15, and guess how much pathetic tgp the x15 have: 110W!!!! The r5/6 is there low end model, and they have more tgp than the x15's pathetic excuse for a high end gaming laptop, and it also only have one usb a, no Ethernet jack, and no MINI Displayport, and if i try to go with the r5/6, it doesn't have a 3080 option, or a 17 inch. So Dell is just deliberately trying to waste our money right now, and what a insulting way to do it, by making everything else on the x17 perfect, and include a FHD and a UHD option, but "GOD forbid" if they include a QHD on the x17, so this is just Dell's "casual" way to say: "F*CK YOU ALL, WE DON"T F*CKING CARE".
Son Wants a Heavy Gaming Laptop For Streaming Games on Twitch.
MacBook is no option because it can't game well (despite the price point which is just ridiculous). The options are either a Alienware X17, Lenovo Legion 7 or MSI GE76 Raider. You can't go wrong on either of them but since you said your son will only keep it on his desk and for streaming he'll likely have multiple monitors just get him a desktop. It's just the much better option for a streamer.
Just got my Asus ROG Strix G17 with a 3070 from newegg but I bought it as open box.
I returned the laptop today since I was having too many issues. My expectations of the laptop was very high but I was never really wowed when I was actually using it(currently using an Alienware 17 r4 gtx 1080 1440p 120hz monitor 32 gig ram).
2 years ago
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Beautiful machine, but came defective out of box.
This is a tough review for me, as the PC is great with everything so far, except for the massive problem of two keys on the keyboard not working right out the box. One of them being the enter key. For the cost of this PC, the expectation is that it works great out the box. I do however understand th...
10 months ago
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Gotta say, I'm pretty pleased with this Fiskar's X7. I just used it to split some pretty dense firewood, and it took it like a champ.
I have the X17 and it's fantastic. I also have a splitting maul by fiskars that's primo. If fiskars makes it you can bet it's high quality.
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Son Wants a Heavy Gaming Laptop For Streaming Games on Twitch.
Build quality: Alienware X17(Chassis is as rigid as a Macbooks, I've owned several Macbooks before). Unfortunately, the 3080 configs of the Alienware X17 aren't for sale currently. Dell is having supply chain issues currently. The Clevo X170KM-G is another option but it looks ghastly.
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Alienware M17x review: Alienware M17x
With a brand-new look and some of the highest-end tech available in a laptop, we're semi-surprised that Alienware has kept the M17x name for its newest 17-inch laptop (even if it loses the X-Files-esque "Area-51" moniker). While the system starts at a reasonable $1,799, you'll need to configure some...
Dan Ackerman
7 months ago
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What is the best gaming laptop money can buy and why ?
Alternatively, Alienware X17 is worth an honorable mention as bigger screen option after getting MUX switch, but is a lot more expensive. If you want the best bang for the buck: Legion 5 Pro (Nvidia), ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition (AMD). If you want the slimmest package: Razer 15 Advanced (only QHD version is worth consideration if you plan on gaming on the laptop).
1 year ago
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What is the #1 best Gaming Laptop right now?
Alienware X17- No MUX switch on QHD or 4k displays- 10-20% performance hit unless you go with FHD screen. I don't recommend FHD as 3080 in most games can handle QHD. Odd throttling behavior- most of these struggle to even hit 12k Timespy and won't allow much more than 200w between CPU and GPU total so the performance simply is not anything like the Legion 7 or MSI.
1 year ago
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Alienware x17 R1

Screen Size

17.3 Inches

Hard Disk Size

1 TB