Aer fit pack 3

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  • Great for the gym and everyday carry
  • Stylish design
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight material
  • Comfortable straps


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Aer Fit Pack 3 Review | Pack Hacker
7 liters, the Aer Fit Pack 3 isn’t the most spacious backpack out there, and it can feel a bit tight once you load it up. But considering the bag’s two-in-one nature, Aer was able to find a nice balance between work and gym use. However, it’s not a perfect solution if you lean heavily towards one activity or the other
5 months ago
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Aer Travel Pack 3 X-Pac Trip Report - how many girl scout cookies can it fit?
Just got my Aer Travel Pack 3 in X-Pac and took it on my first trip from Germany to the states for a couple weeks. Packed 7 days of clothes (with a plan to wash), 16" MacBook Pro, 11" iPad Pro, cables, MagSafe battery, and the like. Worked great and packed up nicely on the way there.
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How many of your bags do you actually use regularly?
I also bought the Aer Fit Pack 3 as a mostly minimal travel bag/expanded EDC bag. It has so far done well on an extended weekend trip, but I haven’t found much use for it from an EDC standpoint yet just because it feels a little “too much” as far as shape and weight are concerned. Currently looking into a replacement for my old Cotopaxi bag that’s similarly sized that I can use for mixed work/EDC especially since I’ve been having to carry more for work now and my briefcase is getting overstuffed.
1 year ago
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Aer Travel 2 or Bellroy Transit Packpack ?
It’s very comfortable to carry as well. I was between both of the bags as well and decided to go with the aer.
Aer Fit Pack 3 Review (New Active Collection) - the ULTIMATE Gym / EDC Backpack?
And that's going to be one of the best options to keep in mind with that being said, the air fit pack 3 holds up really well against all those bags.
Traveling Salseros
6 months ago
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But i think it might be a bit big for me, im around 180 cm / 5'10" tall, the compression straps i think would help make it thinner whenever i dont carry my big ass electronics box, but im not too sure. The Aer Fit pack 3 X-pac also looks like it could work, but not sure if it would fit the box, and also looks like it might look a little strange if the large main compartment is completely empty.
BST 2021 September
AER Fit Pack 3 - $OLD 9/10 - This was a pack I reviewed here for the TPP. Unfortunately this was in a bit of a windfall period of packs for me.
1 year ago
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Aer Travel Pack 3 under seat in front of you?
I'm a 5'10 200lb guy and I've got the Aer Travel Pack 3 small for this exact reason. TLDR, it fits on all domestic flights I've taken thus far. Mostly United and American airlines. Highly recommend the bag.
Evergoods cpl alternative
If you would consider an internal water bottle compartment, check out the Aer Lunar Pack. It replaced my CPL 24 v2, and the zippers are so much smoother
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This meant shoes had to be awkwardly added to fit, but once in, disappeared into the void. I didn't understand the compartment design - there seemed to be three different large main compartments that all fought for space and with thin dividers. The only person I think this bag is made for is someone who carries a lot of clothes and some tech items. **Aer Fit Pack 3 X-Pac (TBD):**.


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