Aer Day Pack 2

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  • Great for the gym and office
  • Pack is sleek and efficient
  • Some improvements from the original version
  • Product is part of the updated work collection


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Aer Day Pack 2 Review | Pack Hacker
Aer Day Pack 2 in Detroit..To round out our experience, we haven’t had any issues durability-wise—which is what we’ve come to expect from Aer
5 months ago
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​. Aer Day Sling 2: Great organization and I'm sure it could fit everything I want.
Seems they made the front compartment pretty thin to give more space to the central cavity. The Outbreaker is another option, but seems even more squared off and rollerbag on your back looking. * Aer Travel Pack 2 33L - Tied Second choice, seems to suffer from the same problem as the Tortuga Setout in terms of putting all the capacity into the center instead of the "EDC" compartments.
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\- The accessory straps were a hassle to take off the bag, especially the lower one on where it attaches to the back of the bag by the hip belt. Took me a solid 8 minutes just to unhook this thing, because the attachment point on the back of the bag is much tighter than the one on the front. \- Speaking of the hip belt, I don't really see it as being very usable for distributing weight.
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Hey all,. After searching high and low for my first travel backpack, pining for and eventually getting the vaunted Aer Travel Pack 2, it has *mostly* lived up to the hype. The way it's compartmentalized is super functional, aesthetically it's sleek as, and it's built for when shit hits the fan.
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AER City Sling or Bellroy Sling Mini.
I just did this comparison for myself and went with the Aer Day Sling 2 (which I am very happy with). I feel like your proposed comparison is a bit apples-to-oranges since the volumes are not so similar.
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The Flight Pack 2 and Day Pack 2 are hands down the best work and general pack I have ever used. Cannot recommend them enough.
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Looking for bag combo recommendations
I like lighter and more quick access bags for out on the go. The Aer Day Pack 2 backpack I have seems a touch bulky and stiff as well but maybe that’s just because I haven’t worn it in. As far as day trips go, I’d like to carry with me my phone, wallet, sunglasses, room key of sorts, hand sanitizer, mask, chapstick, smaller water bottle (open to recommendations), small battery pack, and potentially a packable tote bag or maybe clip it on to the outside.
1 year ago
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The shoe compartment is silly and creates an annoyance as it constantly has to be tucked away (I use packing cubes to maximize space). The Aer Travel Pack 2 seems comfortable but not quite as comfortable as the Synik 30 with the edgeless shoulder straps.
\- AER City Sling - looks to be about the right size for what I'm looking for... \- AER Day Sling 2 - might be too big but has more organization than my DSPTCH slings. \- Code of Bell X-Pod - probably too big but looks like it compresses nicely.



17 x 12 x 5.5 inches


2 lbs. 1 oz.


16 inches


14.8 liters