Aer City Pack

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  • Great for everyday use
  • Slim design
  • Smart organization to store all your essentials and work essentials
  • 1680D ballistic nylon material
  • Comes in a variety of colors


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Aer City Pack Review | Pack Hacker
In the City Pack’s case, Aer’s put in a considerable amount of organization here. There’s the well-padded floating 16-inch laptop sleeve towards the rear, plus a spacious liner pocket in front of it.
5 months ago
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Travel Bag Recommendations
All the bags you’ve mentioned (Minaal 3.0, Osprey Fairpoint and the Aer Travel Pack) are all going to be too big for day-to-day carrying imo. These are going to be more suitable for ‘true’ one bagging (ie when you travel without a checked bag). If you decide to opt against a checked bag, perhaps look at a packable day bag and one of your options above, or take a look at the Peak Design Travel Bag, as this is designed with photographers in mind, is effectively a big bucket of a bag, and can expand from 35-45l (although I think when expanded to the full 45l it is slightly too big for most airlines). For a daily carry, you ideally want to be looking at something 25l or less, even under 20l.
Aer City Sling (x-pac)
The Aer City Sling is a bag that I’ve had on my radar for a bit. I currently have the Day Sling 2 in x-pac and also the Black Ember TKS. When I saw the City Sling release in x-pac material though, I new I had to go for it. Initial impressions are that it’s a very compact and organized.
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What One Bag holiday gifts are we all getting this year?
It's interesting that Aer claims the city pack to be 14L, but it's similar in dimensions to the peak design when I have them side by side. Packed the city pack last night with my usual "onebag" gear, and everything fits perfectly! Super pleased with the construction on initial inspection. I cannot wait for the next trip to really put it thru the paces!.
9 months ago
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Brown Buffalo black ballistic nylon back in stock
You need two of the inserts to really get the most out of the bag and thag puts you at over $550. And it's heavy af at that point. The Black Ember Shadow, Arktype Dash Pack, Goruck GR1 Slick or standard, Day Owl Backpack, Aer City Pack, and the Boundary Supply Errant are all similar or better bags at a fraction of the price.
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Aer Travel 2 or Bellroy Transit Packpack ?
Has more space than you would think and really love the organization. It’s very comfortable to carry as well. I was between both of the bags as well and decided to go with the aer. I don’t regret it at all.
PLC20 strap issue
My CPL V1 and AER City Pack on the other hand just felt plush on my shoulders and never moved. Never used the sternum straps on those except with heavier loads.
Evergoods cpl alternative
If you would consider an internal water bottle compartment, check out the Aer Lunar Pack. It replaced my CPL 24 v2, and the zippers are so much smoother
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Aer City Pack Review (2 Weeks of Use)
So that's like kind of my main synopsis of this bag, is it's a slick package. Everything's pretty refined, though you need to look at these pockets more as options than things that you can really maximize out, and i would personally take maybe a couple less pockets, or maybe even maybe even a slimmer pack, with like one open area like a goruck or Something like that, instead of having all these little pocketing options, but your mileage may vary there.
Pack Hacker Reviews
6 months ago
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* Pros: Has room for everything I want to carry as well as a great assortment of quick access pockets. The secondary organization pocket is large and can fit a Switch and overear headphones, with room to spare for small things. This leaves the main compartment free for shoes, a hoodie, a lunch, etc. I love that the laptop compartment is detached from the main, and has room for laptop and kindle.


Weight (lbs)


Height x Width x Depth (in.)

13.4 x 11.8 x 5.5

Total Volume (Liters)


Exterior Material

Polyamide with PVC Coating